Kornit® Digital Introduces The Kornit Avalanche DC Pro – An Ultimate Printing Solution For The Fashion Market

ROSH-HA’AYIN, Israel — June 7, 2012 — Kornit Digital today introduces the Kornit Avalanche DC Pro
solution, which enhances its current offering and chemistry development capabilities. Focusing on
the fashion market demand for a great hand feel, this solution offers complete control when
using  the combination of Oeko-Tex 100 approved discharge and white ink in a print. This
unparalleled flexibility is unprecedented in the digital printing industry.

Textile printing businesses seeking to enter the fashion industry can now print on dark
garments without a white layer base, which can create a “thick” feel on the design. With the Kornit
Avalanche DC Pro’s-two additional print heads, a discharge chemical is applied to remove the dye
molecules of the dark garment, providing a smooth base for CMYK and white printing, and creating a
great hand-feel for the finished product.

This solution will create a differentiated printing experience, helping businesses to achieve
higher revenue and shorter turnaround times by using less white ink layers and by eliminating the
need for a costly pre-treatment process.

“We are delighted to meet the fashion market demand for soft hand feel of the finished
printed product,” said Sarel Ashkenazi, vice president, marketing and business development at
Kornit Digital. The Kornit Avalanche DC Pro with its unique combination of discharge and white ink
will enable printing businesses to step into the fashion market and maximize value and customer
satisfaction in this highly demanding segment.

Retaining all the advantages of digital garment printing and the other advanced features of
the Kornit Avalanche, including its high production rates, low printing and operation costs and the
largest print area in the market, the Kornit Avalanche DC Pro is the perfect solution for vendors
wanting to utilize digital printing for the high fashion market.

Posted on June 12, 2012

Source: Kornit Digital Ltd./PRNewswire