FiberLok Reinvents Tackle Twill And More

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — April 26, 2011 — Brown Abrams, founding owner and CEO of FiberLok, today
announces the company has invented ObiKnit Graphics brand heat transfers and pressure-sensitive

FiberLok invented its novel combination of materials and processes after several years’ work
to develop a solution for a professional sports apparel licensee needing a textile decoration to
feature high perceived value plus light weight and elasticity.

Abrams’ research and development work resulted in the invention of a break-through category
of heat applied graphics and stickers with  aesthetic and performance values never available
in the market before.

With a focus on performance, ObiKnit Graphics are images applied to proprietary textile and
film base materials which are then cut into the final shapes. 

“ObiKnit Graphics involve four dimensions of design development-sublimation printing, knit
textile surface patterns, artwork special effects and precision cutting-all working together to
create outstanding dimensional graphics the world has never seen,” proclaims Abrams.

The ObiKnit Graphics line includes a TackleKnit option, which has the appearance of a
traditional woven tackle twill although offers lighter weight, amazing elasticity and unlimited
design and color reproduction.

FiberLok has over 16 new patents filed and pending for ObiKnit. The company is starting to
distribute ObiKnit to users of traditional tackle twill and direct fill stitch embroidery in
multiple markets around the world.

“FiberLok has upgraded what has been the lower-perceived value ‘flocked graphics’ technology
to now become its state-of-the-art Lextra brand flocked heat transfers. FiberLok intends to do the
same thing with common sublimation and tackle twill products now being upgraded to high-perceived
value ObiKnit dimensional graphics products,” says Abrams.

Posted on May 3, 2011

Source: FiberLok Inc.