SETeMa Debuts Stand-Alone I-Fix

SETeMa BV, the Netherlands — a manufacturer of textile machinery for dyestuff fixation,
coating/padding, washing, finishing and drying — has debuted a stand-alone version of its I-Fix
in-line heat fixation unit for the fixation of disperse direct and disperse transfer/sublimation
dyes. The stand-alone version enables a print output of almost 200 square meters.

The company reports the I-Fix unit comprises a belt-free system that automatically
synchronizes textile printing and heat fixation in a one-step process, allowing the unit to be
coupled in-line to a digital printer without the use of a mechanical or electrical interface. The
system eliminates the problem of shadowing around colors. Because the unit works independently from
printer hardware and software, existing printers without an in-line fixation may be upgraded with
the I-Fix, and when placed in-line behind the printer, the unit will not influence the printing
process with heat generation and evaporated solvent.

According to SETeMA, the I-Fix features: a temperature range between 50ºC and 220ºC and dwell
times from 10 seconds to several minutes; even temperature in the full width; quick heat transfer
to the textile, resulting in brilliant, sharp shades and good penetration of the ink/dyestuff
through the substrate; textile structure preservation owing to pressure-free heat fixation; an
integrated exhaust that removes hazardous fumes; low energy consumption because of its closed
isolated chamber; a reusable winding system; versatility to be used for universal drying
applications; and the ability to sustain the output of several printers. The unit also requires
less operating space and is operational within 15 minutes, SETeMA reports. 

The I-Fix comes equipped with its own embedded control unit, and the stand-alone version
comes equipped with a terminal for customer settings.

April 26, 2011