Wacker Introduces Powersoft PE 150 E Softener

Wacker Chemie AG, Germany, has developed Powersoft® PE 150, a self-dispersing microemulsion
concentrate based on aminofunctional silicone fluids, for use in textile finishing exhaust
processes. The softener is suitable for use on natural-, man-made- or blended-fiber textiles,
including man-made/elastic blends; and is particularly suitable for knitwear.

According to Wacker, Powersoft PE 150 does not affect the textile’s color, and it exhibits
very high fiber affinity. The softener can be used with sharply reduced liquor ratios and also in
very low concentrations, in which case the company reports it is almost completely absorbed onto
the fibers, nearly eliminating the presence of silicone in the effluent.

The softener also exhibits very high shear resistance, even in high dilutions and with the
use of salts, making it suitable for use in high-speed finishing processes.

March/April 2008