BASF Introduces Reductive Post-Clearing Product

Cyclanon® ECO, released by Germany-based BASF AG, is a new reducing agent designed for
post-clearing dyeings on polyester, polyester blends and acetate.Cyclanon ECO can be applied at
acid pH levels. Such application can result in reduced time, energy and water costs. The product is
aliquid that can easily be metered, has low toxicity and is safe to handle, is bioeliminable, and
has no unpleasant odor.Adding Cyclanon ECO to the dyebath reductively destroys unfixed disperse dye
particles so that waste water leaving the dyehouse is largely decolorized, according to
BASF.Cyclanon ECO also destroys direct dyes on fiber blends and may be used to lighten direct

June 2001