New Options Available For Monforts DynAir Dryer

Germany-based Monforts Textilmaschinen has introduced the Pulsetronic technique and Step-by-Step
stretching attachment as enhancements to its DynAir 5000 relaxation dryer for knitted fabrics.The
Pulsetronic technique introduces a tumbler effect to the dryer by creating an impulse airflow
through the systems lower air nozzle. The Pulsetronics impulse frequency can be adjusted to between
one and 30 pulses per minute, activated by a mechanical on/off switch. The resulting tumbler effect
improves fabric relaxation for knitted materials by loosening the fabrics thread-crossing points to
allow free shrinkage of the fabric in the space between the DynAirs upper and lower belts.The
Step-by-Step attachment ensures optimum shrinking results in both the longitudinal and traverse
directions. An oscillating chain guide allows individual left- and right-hand side chains to be
accelerated or slowed accordingly before the fabric enters the dryer, permitting the knitted fabric
to regain its natural shape.

April 2001