Trevira CS At Heimtextil 2024

Trevira CS Joint Stand, Heimtextil 2023 – Photo: Indorama Ventures Fibers Germany GmbH

HATTERSHEIM, Germany — November 30, 2023 — The Trevira CS® brand will be presenting itself with 17 top customers and partners as well as an innovative special exhibition at Heimtextil, which takes place in Frankfurt from January 9 to 12, 2024. The joint stand is located in Hall 4.0/Stand C15 together with the Indorama Ventures PCL stand.


Trevira CS customers and partners will be exhibiting their flame retardant products and new collections for the home textiles and contract market at individual stands on the joint booth. Visitors can discover innovations in the areas of yarn production, woven and knitted fabrics and interior solar shading. The exhibitors at the Trevira CS stand will represent all textile applications with their products, from lightweight curtains to heavy upholstery fabrics. In addition to the yarn and fabric manufacturers, one exhibit is dedicated to presenting a traditional craft at the Trevira CS joint stand. The trimming maker Jende Manufaktur will be demonstrating the manufacture of trimmings from flame retardant, UV-stable, spun-dyed Trevira® yarns as well as from materials from the co-exhibiting yarn manufacturers.

Trimmings made with flame retardant, UV-stable, spundyed Trevira® yarns, manufactured by Jende Manufaktur GbR – © Photo: Indorama Ventures Fibers Germany GmbH

The following Trevira CS customers and partners will be exhibiting a wide variety of flame retardant products at the joint stand in January:

Casalegno Tendaggi S.r.l., Chamatex SAS, F.lli Baroni s.r.l., FIDIVI Tessitura Vergnano S.p.A., Hoftex Färberei GmbH, Ilcat by Lei Tsu s.r.l., Jende Manufaktur GbR, Lodetex S.p.A., Mattes & Ammann GmbH & Co. KG, Mottura S.p.A., Pozzi Arturo S.p.A., PUGI R.G. S.R.L., Tessitura Mario Ghioldi & C. s.r.l., Tintoria Sala s.r.l., Torcitura Fibre Sintetiche S.p.A., Torcitura Padana S.p.A. and Wintex S.r.l..

#treviracsCore – sparking emotions

The Trevira CS special showcase 2024 will be held under the motto #treviracsCore. The term “core” means core element/heart and is used in conjunction with a hashtag and another defining term in the digital media for a trend/lifestyle that people feel connected to and follow.

This time, the special show is about demonstrating what Trevira CS fabrics are capable of achieving in addition to their functionality and performance in the design of textile spaces. From a sustainably furnished lounge, to a luxurious interior or a casual outdoor area, to a cozy retreat — Trevira CS creates a high-end aesthetic, an atmosphere that inspires and appeals to our emotions – and does so with fabrics that are safe.

For the design of the special show, all Trevira CS customers were invited to submit their latest Trevira CS products as part of the annual Trevira CS fabric competition. A total of well over 200 articles from more than 50 customers were available. This year’s special show will also feature trimmings made from Trevira CS yarns.

The special show includes 4 themes for which the Trevira CS fabrics were submitted.

Theme 1: #MySustainableStay

A “Sustainability Lounge” invites visitors to stay and linger. Here, all information on Trevira CS sustainability topics is presented, featuring the latest Trevira CS eco textiles and fabrics made from chemically recycled raw material.

Theme 2: #MyOutdoorTimeout

Trevira CS fabrics are used in this installation to create an outdoor scene. A wide variety of outdoor materials will be used here.

Theme 3: #MyHiddenTreasures

The Trevira CS portfolio available on the market holds a veritable treasure trove of luxurious fabrics with which to create extraordinary, sophisticated interiors. Here, visitors can expect a staging with exquisite, fine fabrics.

Theme 4: #MyCozyCosmos

Everyone can create their own personal kingdom, their place of retreat, with Trevira CS fabrics. Materials with a pleasant, comfortable feel are in demand here. This scene could also be well imagined as a private living ambience.

Director Marketing Trevira CS Anke Vollenbröker, said: “We are delighted that we will once again be present at Heimtextil with a large joint stand together with 17 Trevira CS partners. This year, with our special presentation #treviracsCore, we want to show that Trevira CS fabrics offer everything you need to follow your preferred personal interior lifestyle – with textiles that are safe.”

Posted: November 30, 2023

Source: Indorama Ventures Fibers Germany GmbH