Devan Chemicals Presents “Devan Stain Release”, A PFC-Free Release Technology For Water And Oil Based Stains

RONSE, Belgium  — April 18, 2024 — Devan Chemicals, a global supplier of innovative textile solutions, proudly announces the launch of its latest breakthrough in textile finishing technology “Devan Stain Release”. With a focus on sustainability and performance, the company is proud to launch a release technology that ensures that both water and oil based stains can easily be washed off.

Devan ‘s new release finish prevents water and oil based stains such as ketchup, mud, grass, tea, vegetable and corn oils from adhering deeply to the fibres and allows stains to be washed off easily from the surface. The technology combines both stain release and wicking properties, making it ideal for applications where this dual benefit is required.

Front view of stained t-shirt from left to right of sauce and fruits: left up side to right down: mustard, kitchen oil, ketchup, papaya. avocado, oyster sauce,

“We are thrilled to introduce this release technology to the market,” says Dr. Roberto Teixeira, Chief Technology Officer at Devan Chemicals. “Our team has worked very hard to develop a solution that not only provides exceptional stain release but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability. This technology is PFC-free and has 40% of bio-based content. By offering effective protection against both water and oil based stains, we are empowering consumers to enjoy their textiles with confidence, knowing they are protected against everyday spills and mishaps.”

Thanks to Devan Stain Release, stains can easily be washed off in home laundries, even at low temperature. The solution is most effective for cotton and cotton blends, but will also enhance the performance of synthetics.

Key features of Devan’s release technology include:

  • Sustainable formulation: the technology is PFC-free, and with 40% of bio-based content.
  • Easy to apply: Unlike many PFC-based solutions that require mixing of multiple products, Devan Stain Release is an easy to apply and ready-to-use product that doesn’t necessitate mixing of different products.
  • The finish doesn’t require reactivation after washing at home with high temperature
  • Soft handle is maintained

Devan Stain Release is applicable across a wide range of textile applications, including school uniforms, garments, workwear, apparel, home textiles, bedding accessories and mattress ticking.

In addition, the technology also enhances the longevity of fabrics by reducing the need for frequent washing, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable consumption cycle.

Devan remains committed to innovation and sustainability, continuously exploring new avenues to revolutionize the textile industry and address the evolving needs of consumers worldwide.

Posted: April 20, 2024

Source: Devan Chemicals