Michelman Highlights Fiber-Polymer Interface Adhesion And Formulated Surface Treatments At JEC 2024

CINCINNATI — February 26, 2024 — Michelman will exhibit at JEC World 2024, spotlighting its Hydrosize® fiber sizings and Unyte® water-based emulsions. The company will demonstrate its nearly three decades of expertise in enhancing the performance of composites and technical textiles.

Hydrosize plays a crucial role for fiber producers and composite manufacturers by improving the bond between fibers and polymers. Using Hydrosize, a manufacturer can tailor the surface chemistry of reinforcement fibers to the chemistry of the matrix resin, thus creating composites that are not only stronger and lighter but also more durable.

Hydrosize solutions are used in the manufacturing of glass, carbon, and natural fibers, including chopped and continuous formats. They are used as lubricants, film formers, sizing agents, and binders during fiber manufacturing and composite processing.

Michelman’s Global Marketing Director, Steve Bassetti, stated, “Hydrosize plays a pivotal role in enhancing fiber processability. Despite its minor weight contribution to fiber-reinforced composites — typically between 0.5 and 5 percent — its influence on both the production of fibers and their processing is profound, significantly affecting how the fiber surface interacts with the composite matrix. Essentially acting as the ‘glue’ in this interaction, sizing is critical when introducing sized fiber into the resin matrix. Our strategy involves a chemistry-agnostic stance, allowing us to tackle interface adhesion challenges by devising tailored solutions that cater to the vast array of polymer types, fibers, fillers, and the various composite manufacturing methods.”

Michelman is also excited to present its line of Hydrosize Carbon solutions aimed at maximizing the advantages of carbon fiber. These solutions enable the production of superior quality composite parts by leveraging carbon fiber’s distinctive properties to meet lightweighting objectives while maintaining design flexibility and part consolidation.

Select Hydrosize Carbon grades provide excellent thermal stability and are designed to withstand elevated processing and subsequent applications. Furthermore, the various grades offer customers a wide variety of solutions depending on resin compatibility, fiber type, and desired composite performance.

Unyte water-based emulsions, another highlight from Michelman, offer a range of water-based technologies tailored for technical textiles and pre-preg fabrics. These solutions enhance various attributes, including adhesion, chemical and heat resistance, and water repellency. Particularly focused on reducing environmental impact, Unyte® formulations are developed to meet specific client needs while avoiding Substances of Concern (SoCs) like formaldehyde and PFAS, aligning with Michelman’s commitment to sustainability.

Steve Bassetti further remarked: “Our Unyte line includes a variety of formulations, each adaptable to specific needs. We frequently collaborate with manufacturers of technical textiles seeking to remove Substances of Concern (SoCs), aiming to do so without compromising performance or processability. We ensure these formulations meet our customers’ precise objectives by performing rigorous testing and customization with different raw materials. Committed to our mission of Innovating a Sustainable Future, we are proud to support customers in phasing out these substances, contributing positively to reducing environmental impact.”

Michelman invites attendees to explore these innovative solutions and learn how they are driving the future of composites and technical textiles toward enhanced performance and reduced environmental impact. Join them at JEC World 2024 to discover how Michelman’s products can benefit your manufacturing processes and products.

JEC World 2024 takes place March 5-7 at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre. Michelman will exhibit in Hall 5, Booth C40.

Posted: February 26, 2024

Source: Michelman