Carnegie Unveils The Go-To Collection: A Sustainable Revolution In Performance Fabrics

NEW YORK CITY  — February 22, 2024 — Carnegie, a supplier of sustainable textiles and acoustical management solutions for the commercial industry, has unveiled the Go-To Collection, a revolutionary offering designed to simplify and elevate the material selection process for architects and designers. Guided by a commitment to sustainability, health, and design excellence, the Go-To Collection addresses the increasing demand for transparent, responsible material choices in the industry.

“As we celebrate the 10-year milestone of our award-winning biobased Xorel brand, we reflect on  Carnegie’s 42-year legacy of pushing boundaries and setting new standards,” said Heather Bush, chief creative officer at Carnegie. “Biobased Xorel has not only stood the test of time but has evolved. The Go-To collection marks a decade of innovation, sustainability, and design excellence, with the newly transformed Strie line inspired by years of client feedback. The result is a highly curated collection that comes together as the ultimate solution for responsibly-made, high-performing, and aesthetically pleasing materials.”

The Go-To Collection comprises the refreshed Biobased Xorel Strie, a tried and tested go-to choice for wallcoverings, wrapped panels, and upholstery since its first introduction in 2013. Upholding Carnegie’s commitment to sustainability, the Strie collection is 100-percent Xorel, with 85-percent Biobased Xorel derived from rapidly renewable sugarcane plants, ensuring a significantly reduced carbon footprint over fossil-fuel-based alternatives. The inherently antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of Strie make it an ideal solution for spaces requiring strict cleanability. The new iteration includes a refreshing palette of 39 colors, delivering a dreamy collection of soothing, ethereal hues like gently aged metallics and milky layered neutrals.

To complement the Strie launch, the Go-To Collection introduces a curated selection of performance textiles for upholstery and panels, featuring a variety of textures and sophisticated hues at attractive price points. With over 100 SKUs available, designers can effortlessly find the perfect solution for any project, eliminating the challenges associated with cleanability, versatility, budget constraints, and performance.

The new patterns include:

Strie: Tried, true, and tested! Introduced in 2013, Strie became the world’s first biobased high performance interior textile and continues to outperform all sustainable textiles on the market with its ability to stand up to abuse in high-traffic areas. To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Carnegie’s legendary Biobased Xorel, the new colors of Strie include a refreshing palette of 39 colors inspired by years of client feedback, delivering a dreamy collection of soothing, ethereal hues like gently aged metallics and milky layered neutrals.

Proof: Name your need—upholstery, wrapped panels, and moveable walls? As part of Carnegie’s value-performance Elements collection, Proof is the exception that proves the rule. This multi-purpose fabric not only boasts an incredibly soft hand and elevated wool look, but is offered in 24 colors at an incredible price point. Tested and proven, this fabric’s got the proof to back it up.

Article: Stop the presses! As part of Carnegie’s value-performance Elements collection, Article answers every question. Approved for both upholstery and panel applications, this highly-durable fabric comes in 21 sophisticated neutrals and nuanced earthen hues. Article relies on a rich blend of scrumptious woven textures and high performance, making it the perfect go-to solution for any commercial space.

Aspen: Recycled wool is always in style. An undeniable fabric staple, Carnegie’s felted performance wool Aspen is top of the summit. Boasting a long color line of 29 vibrant bold colors and classic heathered neutrals, Aspen gives existing fibers a second life and repurposes unused waste—delivering on sustainable performance in color.

The Go-To Collection is ideal for spaces demanding rigorous cleanability and durability standards. It stands out by seamlessly integrating considerations of beauty, performance, durability, and cleanability, debunking the myth that performance compromises design and sustainability. Designed to be versatile, the collection caters to a wide range of vertical markets, including post-occupancy projects, providing designers with a rich palette of over 100 colors. This extensive selection ensures that designers can effortlessly mix and match to create any desired palette, enhancing the flexibility and creativity of their projects.

The Strie fabric is also bleach-cleanable and compatible with hospital-grade disinfectants. All fabrics within the Go-To Collection surpass the 100K double rubs threshold, ensuring durability and longevity. Easy maintenance and suitability for high-traffic environments are key attributes shared across all fabrics, making the Go-To Collection a practical and reliable choice for diverse design projects.

The Go-To Collection is poised to be the ultimate solution for designers seeking sustainable, high-performing, and aesthetically pleasing materials. Interested clients can also take advantage of Carnegie’s complimentary design support program, Carnegie Design Services. The initiative provides free 360-degree support and significant time savings to clients seeking a bespoke selection of products matched to their project’s design specifications, as well as performance and budgetary criteria.

Posted: February 22, 2024

Source: Carnegie