BASF Broadens Its Monomers Portfolio And Launches Bio-Based 2-Octyl Acrylate

LUDWIGSHAFEN, Germany — September 25, 2023 — BASF is expanding its growing portfolio of 14C bio-based monomers with a proprietary process for production of 2-Octyl Acrylate (2-OA). The new product underlines BASF’s strong commitment to innovation for a sustainable future with 73-percent 14C -tracable bio-based content according to ISO 16620. Besides the regular 14C bio-based 2-Octyl Acrylate, BASF also launched the new product as 2-Octyl Acrylate BMB ISCC Plus. Here, the remaining carbon content is ISCC PLUS certified, and by applying BASF’s biomass balance (BMB) approach, this variant offers a further reduced product carbon footprint (PCF).

Posted: September 25, 2023

Source: BASF