A.L.C. Partners With Archive And SuperCircle To Launch Resale + Recycling Program “ALConscious” Program

SAN FRANCISCO — September 26, 2023 — A.L.C. today announced it has partnered with Archive, which powers customized resale at scale for global brands, and SuperCircle, which powers take back and recycling for the world’s best brands and retailers, to launch the “ALConscious” resale and recycling program. Consumers will be able to buy and sell preloved A.L.C. items on the ALConscious peer-to-peer marketplace or opt to send in any preowned clothing item for recycling through SuperCircle’s platform, and receive A.L.C. store credit — even if the item is made by another fashion brand. The launch marks the first time Archive and SuperCircle have partnered to power a branded resale and recycling program, enabling consumers to help build a more circular fashion economy.

“A.L.C. has always been anchored by a sense of community, and this program is an extension of us caring for, empowering and being accountable to our community,” said Andrea Lieberman, founder and creative director, A.L.C. “From empowering female artisans to upcycling vintage denim, we are constantly striving to make responsible choices. By launching ALConscious, we’re inviting our customers to expand their wardrobe, not their footprint.”

Founded by Lieberman in 2008, A.L.C. offers considered classics for thoughtful consumers. As the destination for buying, selling and recycling A.L.C. pieces, ALConscious will give the brand’s customers an easy way to limit their impact on the environment by keeping clothing in circulation and ensuring items don’t end up in landfills at the end of their useful life.

“We are thrilled to partner with A.L.C. to power the brand’s new ALConscious program, which marks our first integration with SuperCircle,” said Emily Gittins, CEO and co-founder of Archive. “This launch is another example of how we are integrating our technology with a wide variety of logistics partners to create customized resale programs for some of the world’s most innovative brands.”

SuperCircle is a full-service technology and reverse logistics platform that allows brands and retailers to launch recycling at scale with first-of-its-kind capabilities. The company links retail with the waste management industry to close the loop and help eliminate post-consumer clothing waste.

“To create a truly circular economy, everybody has to work together, including fashion brands, advanced technology platforms, logistics companies and consumers,” said Chloe Songer, co-founder and CEO of SuperCircle. “Forward-thinking brands like A.L.C. are giving customers multiple ways and incentives to extend the lifecycle of clothing items and to properly recycle them at the end of that cycle. We’re proud to partner with A.L.C. and Archive on this innovative program and build a more sustainable future.”

Archive is leading the evolution of resale by powering a wide range of customizable business models that make it easy for brands to launch and scale fully branded resale channels. The technology platform offers brands the flexibility they need to personalize resale and build deeper customer relationships.

Posted September 26, 2023

Source: A.L.C.