Online The “Alchemies” Of The 60th Filo Edition

BIELLA, Italy— June 14, 2023 — “Alchemies” – the video including the creative proposals by Gianni Bologna for the 60th edition of Filo – are available online on Filo’s website, from today onwards.

Filo’s creative proposals, carried out by Gianni Bologna (Responsible for Filo’s creativity and style), are characterized by unique features in the textile panorama, since they are focused on products and manufacturing processes. Due to a precise choice, for some editions, they have been proposed exclusively online. “Alchemies”, inspiring the 60th edition of Filo, and presented through a particularly evocative video, have been developed starting from a general theme developed across three textile interpretations: Eco-Bio-Techno, Japanese-African, and Fantasy Baroque.

Paolo Monfermoso, Responsible for Filo, declares: “Creative proposals realised today are intended to inspire an edition representing an important result for Filo: the 60th edition, that is to say the 30th anniversary of our Exhibition. In recent years, textile industry has not been stagnant and from one edition to the other, Filo has reflected the ongoing changes belonging to this industry as the increasingly attention to sustainability and traceability, as well as quality. On the contrary, the idea of creative proposals, once named ‘trends’, has remained unchanged; indeed, from the very beginning, Filo’s style proposals have been focused on the dialogue with exhibitors first, and then, during the Exhibition, on the one with visitors. That’s why Filo is not addressing a single season, since our textile themes represent a continuum evolving over time, through inspirations deriving from an overall vision of this current and future industry.”

Mr. Monfermoso adds: “Thank to this setting up, the presentation of the ‘Dialoghi Creativi” is one of the most awaited and appreciated events, not just by Filo’s exhibitors, but also by all professionals working in the textile and apparel industry. For this reason, for some editions, we have decided to make them available to the audience using digital channels, ensuring that they will be disseminated as widely as possible, covering distances, boundaries and time’s limits: any professional working in textile industry can freely choose when to watch our ‘Dialoghi Creativi’, having the opportunity to study them and being inspired whenever he/she wishes, simply visiting Filo’s website.”.

Gianni Bologna explains the contents of “Alchemies” in this way: ““The “Alchemies” we are hinting at are not the “hybridizations” about which so much has been said, but rather the creation of combinations representing somehow the general aesthetic lines that can be found in those countries which are thousands of kilometer apart or belong to different ages, which are divided by huge time distance, but which bring some characteristics typical of a secret common heritage that still survive.”

The 60th Filo edition will be held in September, the 20th and 21st at Allianz MiCo in Milan.

Posted: June 15, 2023

Source: Filo