Kraton Submits BiaXam™ Polymer Technology As An Active Ingredient To The EPA

HOUSTON — May 2, 2023 — Kraton Corp., a global sustainable producer of specialty polymers and high-value biobased products derived from pine wood pulping by-products, submitted their novel BiaXam polymer technology on February 21, 2023, to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for Section 3 approval as a new active ingredient. This submission follows the technology’s approval as a surface coating under an Emergency Use Authorization by the EPA with Delta Airlines on April 21, 2021.

The BiaXam polymer active ingredient was submitted under the Section 3 category for supplemental residual antimicrobial products, which requires one of the most complicated efficacy testing protocols by the EPA. The submission included a Manufactured Use Product (MUP) polymer in a solvent system, the Technical Grade Active Ingredient (TGAI) with BiaXam as a dry polymer, and an End Use Product (EUP) with the BiaXam polymer coated on a peel and stick film. The efficacy testing was conducted with gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in accordance with the EPA Interim Method for Evaluating the Efficacy of Antimicrobial Surface Coatings. Currently, only one material technology has received EPA approval in this category.

BiaXam is a unique amphiphilic polymer consisting of hydrophilic segments with high-performance channels for water transport, and hydrophobic segments for added strength and flexibility. In addition to the residual antimicrobial benefit that is the basis for the application for Section 3 registration, Kraton’s technology also absorbs and transports water, making it an excellent solution for anti-fog coating, non-woven cooling, dehumidification, and energy recovery membranes. “We are excited about the significant market interest we have received utilizing the BiaXam polymer in various applications and look forward to working with new partners to develop additional End Use Products for registration,” said Jeff Mathers, general manager at Kraton.

BiaXam polymer technology does not include the addition of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS or “forever chemicals”) and meets the polymer exemption definition under TSCA; it is a high molecular weight polymer. In addition to the coating on a peel-and-stick film, Kraton has seen interest in incorporating BiaXam into a broad range of products, including tubing, personal protective equipment, air filters, smart textiles, wound care, packaging film, industrial coveralls, chemical suits, surface sprays and wipes, safety goggles and visors, and energy recovery ventilator membranes. If you are interested in working with Kraton Corporation to develop new applications, please contact us.

BiaXam™ has not yet received regulatory approvals and is not available for purchase, including in any of the above applications. This is not an offer for sale or a recommendation for use. Contact your pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state.

Posted: May 2, 2023

Source: Kraton Corporation