Advanced Silicone Ink From Dow Addresses Growing Demand For Improved Performance In Textile Applications

MIDLAND, Mich.  — October 27, 2022 — With the continued global growth of the apparel market, the use of polyester, nylon and blends of these materials with elastane is also on the rise, especially in sportswear and loungewear. To support this higher demand for synthetic textiles, Dow is launching a patented silicone ink — SILASTIC™ LCF 9600 M Textile Printing Ink Base — that can be used for printing on man-made and cotton fabrics, particularly highly elastic garments.

The increased use of man-made yarns in recent years has resulted in greater performance requirements on ink chemistries such as durability, elongation and ease of use in highly elastic sportwear. To address these needs, Dow leveraged the exceptional benefits of silicone ink bases with products such as SILASTIC LCF 9600 Textile Printing Ink Base and SILASTIC 9601 Textile Printing Ink Base.

“At Dow, we continue to support apparel manufacturers in their next performance challenges,” said Isabelle Riff, Dow Global Marketing leader for Textiles. “Our latest solution, SILASTIC LCF 9600 M Textile Printing Ink Base, builds on the strength of Dow’s existing product offerings and is a testament to our dedication to continued innovation for the textile industry.”

Designed for an increased matte effect and improved hand feel, the patented SILASTIC LCF 9600 M offers excellent wash durability, high elongation, very soft low tack touch and avoids the “orange peel effect” on cotton substrates. Additionally, SILASTIC LCF 9600 M enables safer textile development with its ability to be formulated without the use of PVC, phthalates, solvents, organotins and formaldehyde.

For those interested in learning more about Dow’s portfolio of silicone inks, including the specifications and performance benefits of SILASTIC LCF 9600 M Textile Printing Ink Base, Dow’s Benoit Henault, Technical Service & Development Senior Scientist, will lead a webinar moderated by Isabelle Riff on November 16, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. CET / 3:30 pm IST titled “Advanced silicone printing inks for better performance and textile regulatory compliance.”

Posted: October 27, 2022

Source: Dow