Kravet®, CELLIANT® and Crypton® Home Introduce Wellness Textures

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. — August 30, 2022 — In a post-pandemic world, the design industry is abuzz about incorporating wellness into interiors. There’s even a new kind of room emerging:  the wellness room. But now, any room can be a wellness room, as Crypton Home Fabric, Celliant and Kravet have announced their exclusive collaboration on a luxury upholstery fabric line that can actually contribute to wellness in the home. Celliant technology works by reflecting a user’s natural body heat back to them as infrared energy, which can improve cellular oxygenation and local circulation. Wellness benefits range from faster recovery times to improved sleep and increased energy. The Wellness Textures collection featuring Crypton Home Celliant technology is only at Kravet. Daniel Kravet, vice president of sales for his family’s firm, explained: “Both interior designers and their clients expect the very best in all aspects of their life, and we know they are interested in creating spaces designed for relaxation, rejuvenation and recharging.”

With this textile innovation, any piece of upholstered furniture can have the potential for providing health benefits. The three powerhouse brands in this collaboration envision a home where movie nights, work-from-home days and even napping can all be opportunities to boost wellness, where simply sitting down or curling up doubles as a means of self-care. “It’s astonishing that something as seemingly innocuous as upholstery fabric can actively, positively impact wellness,” said Crypton CEO Lance Keziah. “We think people who care about health and wellbeing but don’t have a ton of time to spend on self-care will embrace this technology as a way to have it all.”

Three years in the making, this is the first and only woven residential fabric to combine these two complementary technologies. Crypton performance allows fabrics to be spill repellent, stain resistant, odor resistant and the textiles have extremely high endurance. Celliant, ethically sourced minerals embedded into fibers, is clinically tested and proven to increase cellular oxygenation for improved energy, stronger performance, quicker recovery and enhanced wellbeing. By allowing the discreet incorporation of infrared technology into everyday life, and combining it with stain protection and ultimate cleanability, this thoughtful collection of soft, inviting upholstery fabrics hits a sweet spot in the marketplace, expressed in its tagline: Where easy care meets self-care.

The collaboration started with Crypton and Hologenix, the company that developed and patented Celliant. “With the introduction of CELLIANT technology to our fabric offering, we have found a trusted performance partner in sync with our company values and sustainability mission.” Said Keziah. “Kravet and Crypton’s collection of Wellness Textures represents an important first for us — the first woven residential fabric infused with our CELLIANT® infrared technology,” said Seth Casden, co-founder and CEO of Hologenix, the materials science innovator.  “The collection takes wellness to a new level and new standards of beauty and function.”

Once the technologies were successfully married, Crypton turned to long-time brand partner Kravet to create styles, colors and textures that would appeal to the luxury residential design market. “Oftentimes I feel there is a misconception that if a product has additional performance qualities and traits, you have to sacrifice style or beauty,” notes Daniel Kravet. “With this Crypton Celliant collection, it’s just as visually appealing as everything else we offer at Kravet and feels just as good as it looks.”

The Wellness Textures include Serenity Now, a soft, textural chenille; Namaste Bouclé, a bouclé chenille with a delightful teddy-bear hand; Wash Away, a textured weave with a subtle nod to linen and Healing Touch, a chevron tweed look. The color palette comprises warm and cool neutrals along with blues and greens and, of course, white.

“We knew that we could work with Kravet to create styles, textures, and colors that would appeal to the luxury residential market,” Keziah says. “Like us, they like to be first to market with thoughtful products that offer designers and their clients a beautiful aesthetic and real-world performance.”

Both the Celliant and the Crypton technologies are permanently embedded in the fibers of the Wellness Textures line and can never wash or wear away. Wellness Textures are woven in North Carolina at Crypton’s own mill. Like all Crypton Home Fabrics, they are GREENGUARD® Gold certified for sustainability. Learn more about this fabric breakthrough HERE.

The collection is in Kravet Showrooms nationwide and design professionals can also explore all 38 items in the collection on Kravet’s website.

Posted August 30, 2022