Innovative Solutions And Continuous Research: The Italian Technological Leadership In Textile Machinery

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The Italian textile sector historically represents a benchmark in the world: from production to the finished product, the high quality standard and innovative technologies applied are the basis of an excellence recognized and appreciated globally.

The resulting competitiveness confirms the leadership of Made in Italy and demonstrates, for some time now, a commitment that goes beyond the market and looks to the future of the planet. An evolution that is the result of a constant search for innovative solutions, both on the strictly production level and on that of the environmental needs of a changing world.

It is with these premises that a virtuous plot is created, in which excellence and sustainability come together to chart new paths and redesign modernity. Green Label, signed by ACIMIT, is part of this transformation, promoting technological solutions that support the environment.

The reduction of hazardous substances in production processes, greater water savings and improved energy efficiency of production processes, as well as the recycling of materials that have reached the end of their useful life: these are the benefits of Green Label.

RINA, an international certification body, is responsible for validating the Green Label issuance process and its testing measures. On the basis of a standardized and certified procedure, RINA verifies both the way in which are measured and the operating conditions of the machines being labelled. Certification makes the above aspects concrete and achievable, enabling a process that allows companies to grow, becoming even more competitive and continuing to confirm the Italian leadership of the entire textile machinery sector.

The technology innovations implemented by Italian manufacturers involved in the project within their machines translate, as well as benefits in terms of environmental impact (reduction of emissions of CO2 eq. of the sample machine in use phase), also in economic benefits for the customers of our companies. The saving for the users of green-labelled textile machines was calculated by RINA on the information provided by the database of the Green Labels and on the quantity of material processed by the sample machine defined by each manufacturers. As regards the energy consumption the reduction also reaches 30 percent. As for the water consumption in the finishing sector the reduction is on average 27 percent.

Therefore, the use of green-labelled Italian machinery makes possible a win-win situation with clear economic and environmental benefits for both Italian manufacturers and their textile customers.

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May 25, 2022