IDEA 2022 Exhibitor Preview: Albarrie

BARRIE, Ontario — February 8, 202 — Albarrie, a major manufacturer in the North American nonwoven’s textile market, will be showing off its diverse range of engineering and manufacturing capabilities in booth #2214 at IDEA 2022 in Miami, Florida.

Whether exploring new designs or getting competitive quotes on current fabrics, Albarrie produces unique customized nonwoven needle punch textiles using advanced technology. Albarrie partners with organizations to innovate fabric solutions for product design by sharing their knowledge and passion for textiles and the environment. Albarrie has the ability to run low minimums, fabric trials and testing and produces quantities that fit specific needs.

Albarrie is a team of engineers, designers, fabricators, and technical support experts who envision a world where technical industrial fabrics are the solution to environmental issues. For over 40 years, Albarrie has been committed to needle punch nonwoven fabric innovation and has partnered with hundreds of companies to develop technical fabric solutions for the most demanding processes worldwide.

Albarrie’s Capabilities include:

Research & Development — Albarrie has an in-house team of scientists dedicated to developing unique textile solutions for demanding applications such as industrial air filtration, secondary oil containment, high-heat conveyance, and more.

Custom Needle Punch Felt Production — With several production lines available, Albarrie can produce technical felts from 6 to 120 ounces per square yard (oz/yd ), in narrow or wide width formats. Fiber blending, layering, and an assortment of finishing treatments such as heat setting, calendaring, singing are available.

Converting & Fabrication — Albarrie is fully capable of converting rolled goods for prefabrication requirements by OEM’s or producing finished goods for use within industrial processes.

Spiral Needle punch Production — Using an advanced Rontex spiral needle loom, Albarrie can produce seamless felt tubes in a wide array of fiber combinations. Coupled with various finishing techniques, these seamless felt tubes are applicable for conveyor roller covers, protective packaging, insulation, and gaskets.

Brand Name & High Heat Fibers — Albarrie uses the highest-quality fibers for their fabrics. Their fabric experts will advise you on fiber and fabric types to achieve best product performance.

Resin Impregnation — Albarrie’s unique process of resin impregnation ensures fibers are fully submerged and hardened for a durable product that withstands harsh environments. They turn soft fabric into hard boards.

Customer Service & Technical Support — A trusted team of inside and outside technical sales representatives are dedicated to supporting every aspect of their valued customer relationship, from product selection and design to order fulfillment. They also offer free pre-qualification lab testing to ensure our services are suitable for your application.

Albarrie’s other capabilities and product finishes include slitting, rewinding, die cutting, lamination, extrusion coating, welding, CNC machining, heat setting, singing, chemical treatment and more.

Posted March 1, 2022

Source: Albarrie