Südwolle Spring/Summer 2023 Yarn Collection For Weaving: Fluid Elegance And Certified Wool Blends

NUREMBERG, Germany — September 23, 2021 — Free once again to make plans, travel, share important moments with others, choose what we do with our days, enjoy outdoor life in harmony with nature and our own emotions.

The new normal will not be just a return to our previous lives. This complicated period the whole world has gone through has planted many seeds of change. Südwolle Group wants to contribute to this awareness, offering state-of-the-art proposals for a new lifestyle in line with our emerging sensibility.

Sustainable innovation is a central value for all Südwolle Group collections. The company has long been engaged in researching raw materials that are natural, recycled and eco-friendly and offer high-performance alternatives with low environmental impact, helping the transition towards an environmentally responsible textile sector.

The yarns used in the Südwolle SS2023 weaving collection are pure wool or wool blends, in line with the new mood that is taking hold among consumers. Nowadays fashion works for wellbeing and everyday activities in a fluid and personal manner, increasingly detached from passing trends and predetermined codes of elegance that are becoming ever less appropriate as an expression of the way we live and feel.

The new formal replaces the conventional suit with tailored jackets and trousers: comfortable, casual and well cut in high-quality materials that guarantee fit, comfort and durability. The general focus on these factors makes clothes purchases more informed and reasoned, and less impulsive.

A renewed interest in heritage finds a response in Südwolle’s knowledge of wool and its essential properties, updated for sustainability with the introduction of certified fibres, chlorine-free anti-shrinkage treatments and long lasting products that are easy to care for and wash at home at low temperature.

Overview of the collection

The textile collection is enriched by the line of OTW® yarns, resulting from the development of the patented Omega Twist® spinning technology, which gives the yarns great performances in terms of reduced pilling, increased elasticity, resistance and durability.
 The range of OTW®includes yarns in the finest pure wool, such as OTW Campiglia Nm 120/2 (100-percent Wool 17.2 μ) and OTW Volturno Fine Nm 76/2 (100-percent Wool 19.3 μ) which emphasize the clean style and technical hand of superior quality wools.

The focus is on the origin of fibers and environmentally responsible materials. There is a wider and more varied range of products in RWS-certified wools (Responsible Wool Standard) which guarantee a traceable production chain, animal welfare and sustainability for workers and the environment.

Blends of wool and viscose, FSC®,certified and sourced from responsibly-managed forests, make it real to produce clothes that are biodegradable at the end of their life cycle.

The use of completely biodegradable and FSC or PEFC™ certified cationic Danufil® Deep Dye Viscose, means a reduction of energy required for dyeing processes. These viscose fibres can be dyed when blended with wool, eliminating the need for double dyeing and therefore saving water, energy and time. Moreover, they create interesting melange effects, thanks to the variation in color absorption between the different fibers.

Technical, GRS certified wool blends feature an increased presence of recycled polyesters and nylons from pre- and post-consumer sources, and are available on request for customized yarns.

Other sustainable new materials include SEAQUAL®, a polyester derived by upcycling Marine Plastic recovered from the oceans.

Q-NOVA® is a recycled, extremely durable polyamide filament with excellent dyeing effects. It is used in our crêpes like Tenda Crespino Eco Nm 120/2 (85-percent Wool 19.3 μ/15-percent Q-NOVA Polyamide), with a cool, light hand. An eco-friendly reinterpretation of a classic yarn, Cile Crespino Eco Nm 76/2 (35-percent Wool 23.5 μ/50-percent viscose FSC certified/15-percent Q-NOVA Polyamide) is a pleasant, soft blend.

The H.Fancy line presents bestselling summer fancy yarns, featuring experimental textures and natural 3D effects.

Posted September 23, 2021

Source: Südwolle Group