Notus Composites Launches New Low Temperature Curing NE7 Epoxy Prepreg

DUBAI, UAE — August 14, 2021 — Notus Composites (UAE), a producer of epoxy prepreg materials, is proud to announce the latest addition to its high-performance epoxy range with the launch of its new NE7 low temperature curing prepreg system. The entirely new Notus NE7 formulation allows composite manufacturers to cure components at temperatures as low as 70˚C, reducing energy consumption and enabling more cost-effective tooling options.

Notus Composites has developed the new NE7 prepreg systems for applications across the Marine, Architecture, Industrial and Wind Energy sectors, with the novel low temperature curing chemistry delivery significant cost benefits. Existing prepreg manufacturers can now use more cost-effective composite tooling, with new prepreg users able to switch easily from existing infusion or wet laminating processes without creating expensive new high temperature tooling.

NE7 prepregs can be cured at temperatures as low as 70˚C, with the standard cure cycle being 12 hours at 70˚C, matching the typical cycle time for an infused part with a component Tg of 85˚C. NE7 materials have a good outlife of 30 days at 20˚C and are available in all prepreg and Notus single sided N1-Preg formats with unidirectional, multiaxial, and woven reinforcements. NE7 can also be supplied as a resin film.

Notus has recently supplied NE7 low temperature prepregs to Dubai based Aeolos Composites for the production of their new Aeolos P30 racing yacht. The P30 is a futuristic new craft created by top German sailor and designer, Hans Genthe, with a super light carbon fibre construction and large sail area that promises spectacular on the water performance for a thirty foot yacht. Notus delivered a range NE7 prepregs for the build, including woven, multiaxial, and unidirectional carbon fibre reinforcements as well as adhesive films for core bonding.

“With the new NE7 prepreg system from Notus we are able to build our latest P30 design quickly, cleanly and with absolute consistency. We were clear from the outset that the P30 would be a full carbon boat, and the NE7 materials provided a perfect package of mechanical performance, excellent processability, good outlife on the shop floor, low temperature curing, which made the choice of prepreg versus infusion an easy one. The P30 structure we have produced is so light and stiff it’s incredible,” said Hans Genthe, Owner, Aeolos Composites.

Notus Composites is also well known for the outstanding fire performance of its’ specialist epoxy FR prepregs. The company’s EPFR-609 FR prepreg materials (tested and certified to NFPA 285, ASTM E84 and EN13501-1) are now available with the NE7 low temperature curing technology, combining additional processing options with market leading fire performance.

Posted September 15, 2021

Source: Notus Composites