OURA Introduces High-Tech Alta Towel

LOS ANGELES — June 2, 2021 — OURA, known for infusing high-tech solutions into everyday products, announces its latest wellness-promoting antimicrobial lifestyle product, the Alta towel. Engineered with CottonX, a proprietary fiber and textile technology, Alta eliminates bacteria, mold and musty aromas by self-sterilizing and killing bacteria on contact. Purchase of these cutting-edge towels also supports children in need, with a portion of proceeds set aside to grant the wishes of childhood cancer patients.

“Most people are familiar with the smell of an old musty towel, but most are not aware that these odors — no matter how faint — are caused by mold and bacteria that love to grow on moist, damp fibers,” said Keane Veran, co-founder and CEO of OURA. “OURA designed the Alta towel to protect individuals by killing microbes before they get a chance to grow, providing a clean, fresh feeling after every single use. We are proud to provide a better solution for consumers and are passionate about our work as advocates for healthier choices and promoters of overall wellbeing.”

The Alta towel’s CottonX technology is antimicrobial, compliments of copper-infused fibers that self-sterilize and deodorize by breaking down odor-causing molecules and killing 99 percent of bacteria and mold. The technology relies on pure copper oxide permanently embedded into every 100 percent long-staple cotton of these new towels — ensuring they maintain efficacy over the test of time even after more than 100 washes.

Super absorbent densely packed cotton fibers wick away moisture instantly and are ultra-plush with a soft, luxurious feel that is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Plus, they are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and crafted to last. The unique properties of the Alta towel have also been scientifically proven to promote skin health and elasticity.

Available in two colors, Nimbus and Horizon, the Alta towel can be purchased at www.ouragami.org.

Posted June 2, 2021

Source: OURA