TRSA: Ad Campaign Supports Mother’s Day Fine Dining

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — May 4, 2021 — A social media and remarketing campaign has been launched to promote Mother’s Day fine dining, with ads linking to a video that encourages families to take moms to tablecloth restaurants. The campaign recognizes the importance of this annual celebration to the revenues of such establishments and the linen services that supply them.

Created by TRSA, the Linen, Uniform and Facility Services Association, the ads aim to encourage restaurateurs to view and share the video to promote tablecloth restaurant patronage on Mother’s Day and the day before. These are the two busiest restaurant spending days of the year, according to Womply, a software and data firm that works with credit card processors to collect data for 4 million small businesses across the United States.

The day before Mother’s Day produces a restaurant industry revenue bump greater than the day itself: typically 62 percent more (compared with 60 percent), making it the biggest day of the year overall. But the 60 percent increase on Mother’s Day, making it the No. 2 day of the year, is “a particularly impressive feat,” Womply says, as 17-percent fewer restaurants are open for business that day.

Mother’s Day 2020 provided a huge sales boost for restaurant operators open at that stage of the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on Womply’s analysis of transaction data at 48,000 local restaurants, spending on that Sunday was 103 percent greater than average daily restaurant revenue throughout the coronavirus crisis, a larger increase than the 63 percent the day before. The firm estimated that one-third of local restaurants were closed or otherwise not doing business on that Mother’s Day weekend.

A Womply survey of independent restaurants found that Mother’s Day is the top sales day of the year for two in five of them. Typical impacts of other upcoming celebrations on this sector:

  • Cinco de Mayo can be a moneymaker, coming in as the 36th highest-sales day.
  • July 4 is as slow as many winter holiday season days; it was the 20th worst day for the surveyed restaurants in 2017.

The TRSA video and campaign, produced by Infinite Laundry, Coral Springs, FL, targets typical fine-dining customers and runs through May 8. A female narrator reads the video script, saying, “This Mother’s Day, give mom the gift she really wants … the gift of sitting down for a fine dining experience with delicious food surrounded by loved ones. There is nothing quite like the ambience of the white table linen experience on Mother’s Day. Call and make your reservations today!”

Posted May 3, 2021

Source: TRSA