Precision Textiles Touts Portfolio Of Glass-Free, FR Solutions For Mattresses

TOTOWA, N.J. — November 12, 2020 — Precision Textiles — a supplier of coated fabrics, nonwovens and laminations for the bedding, automotive, health care and home furnishings markets — has elevated its position in the industry as a supplier of glass-free, FR-solutions for mattresses. As apprehension about the health and safety implications of fiberglass FR socks — that can expel tiny shards of glass throughout homes — continues, the company’s comprehensive portfolio of nonwoven textiles offers a safer, cleaner alternative.

The three-prong family of products include EcoFlex, a glass-free, chemical-free barrier which can easily be laminated to the cover fabric and eliminate the cumbersome task of applying an FR sock, thereby allowing the consumer to feel the foam in its natural state without compression, EcoFlex EZ-Fit Cap, a glass-free FR solution that “fits” over the foam core of a mattress like a fitted sheet and IQ FIT Natural, a glass-free FR sock solution with enhanced breathability and moisture wicking properties.

“Fiberglass FR socks can wreak havoc in homes, releasing thousands of potentially dangerous shards of glass that can cause skin, eye, nose and throat irritation,” said Keith Martin, vice president of Precision Textiles. “As part of our ongoing effort to deliver a safer sleep experience for consumers and help streamline the bedding manufacturing process, we are proud to offer our industry-leading line of glass-free products that not only provide a safer solution, but also present a diverse number of additional benefits including eco-friendly and natural material options that continue to gain in popularity among consumers.”

Launched in early 2020, EcoFlex, OekoTek Standard 100-certified, is made with inherent FR rayon. The material offers four-way stretch and recovery that resists breakdown when tested on rollators or rolled for packing. Designed to be laminated to the underside of mattress ticking, EcoFlex eliminates the need to apply FR socks in the manufacturing process, supporting the  growing boxed bed trend.

Expanding the EcoFlex line, EZ-Fit Cap is made of a stretch material that fits securely around the mattress foam core. Easily slipped over the top of the core, it adds value to mattress production efficiency, making it easier for employees to work with and enabling manufacturers to have greater flexibility in the type of ticking they use.

Precision Textiles’ most recent addition to its broad line of glass-free, FR solutions — IQ FIT Natural — is not only 100 percent glass-free, but is made with sustainable, renewable cotton that delivers breathability and superb moisture wicking. Adding an all-natural sleep experience to its product line, the newest sock is also aramid and antimony free and is Prop. 65 and AB2998 compliant.

Posted November 12, 2020

Source: Precision Textiles