Material Exchange And Eurofins Softlines & Leather Form A New Collaborative Partnership To Support Material Compliance In Footwear And Apparel

HONG KONG/STOCKHOLM — October 8, 2020 — Material Exchange Ventures AB, a Stockholm based start-up and provider of the Material Exchange — a digital material platform — is proud to announce a new partnership with Eurofins Softlines & Leather to streamline material compliance and create much needed transparency within fashion supply chains.

Leveraging Eurofins Softlines & Leather’s robust testing capabilities, the new partnership will provide a direct link for material suppliers to apply for testing with Eurofins Softlines & Leather, which in turn will streamline the supplier selection process for buyers. Eurofins Softlines & Leather has developed the material compliance testing protocol with Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America (FDRA) to support suppliers within the Material Exchange Digital Library as part of a reduced cost program, enabling them to easily and efficiently complete tests.

The availability of material test reports within the Material Exchange system will provide greater transparency for brands and retailers on the regulated restricted substances for major markets providing more visibility to buyers when they are selecting materials in the Material Exchange. In addition, the added benefits of enhanced global regulatory compliance and decrease in testing cost to the trade will most certainly be realized.

Working with the support and guidance of the FDRA, who represents almost 90 percent of major footwear brands and retailers in the United States, Material Exchange and Eurofins Softlines & Leather have set forth a program of standardised chemical tests that are essential during the material selection process for brands and retailers.

Research from the FDRA suggests, material testing is predominantly completed in the final stages of product development by brands, however, only a limited amount of testing is done at material selection. This joint partnership can greatly enhance compliance, efficiency and transparency from the start of the manufacturing lifecycle by testing materials first, and housing the results in the system for brands to access.

Posted October 8, 2020

Source: Eurofins Softlines & Leather