Medical Textile Products Company Founder Demonstrates The Danger Of Cotton Face Masks

CANTON, Mass. — April 22, 2020 — With air droplet transmission of microbes likely to be an ongoing and recurring danger, there will be a continuing need for mitigation against breathing droplet-contaminated air in public places.

Many well-meaning authorities and manufacturers have advocated using cotton masks. However, “This is bad advice,” stated Ed Goodwin, founder, product develop and president of Massachusetts based HipSaver Inc. “Cotton is hydrophilic, acting like a magnet, pulling virus-loaded droplets right through the mask, onto one’s face and into the nose and mouth.”

Goodwin demonstrates this science behind his assertion in a video posted on the company’s website:

To combat this problem, Goodwin developed the Droplet~Shield Mask using a proprietary hydrophobic (water-repelling) fabric that prevents droplets from penetrating the mask. The mask has no chemical finish and instead relies on the inherent proprietary polyester fibers in the mask.

It retails for less than $15 and can be machine washed and dried hundreds of times or sanitized in hot water.

The mask consists of two layers of water resistant (hydrophobic) material that repels airborne droplets (unlike hydrophilic cotton). Additional features include:

  • All fabric construction is totally machine wash/dry, over 200 times;
  • Nose bridge insert molds to the face–no eyeglass fogging;
  • Soft stretch band attaches behind the ears–no abrasive cutting or hard contact surfaces;
  • No latex or chemical finishes, available in 5 colors;
  • Small and large sizes for a good fit; and
  • 100-percent polyester.

HipSaver, Inc. is offering a free sample to all nursing homes in the United States by visiting

Posted April 22, 2020

Source: HipSaver Inc.