MagnaColours® Launches Water-Based Transfer Range

England-based MagnaColours® has launched MagnaTrans™ a water-based transfer printing range, which includes water-based inks, transfer dye migration blocker, printable and sprinkle adhesives, and fixer, as well hot and cold peel transfer films for matt and gloss finishes.

MagnaTrans inks were designed for screen-printing transfers or digital printing transfer systems. White, black and neutral base inks are available, and eco-pigments can be combined with the base ink to produce colors as required. Pantone and fluorescent premixes also will be available in addition to a collection of special-effect inks — metallic, two-tone, reflective, ultraviolet reactive and glow in the dark — for unique designs.

“With these new inks, printers can achieve the same incredible high stretch designs with heat transfers as they can with our conventional screen-printing inks, whilst enjoying the same benefits of having an environmentally friendly solution,” said Helen Parry, managing director at MagnaColours.

January/February 2020