Koch-Glitsch Acquires Chemical And Pharmaceutical Process Equipment And Technology Supplier Julius Montz From The Pfaudler Group

WICHITA, Kan. — August 1, 2019 — Koch-Glitsch, a subsidiary of Koch Engineered Solutions (KES) and its parent company Koch Industries, today announced the acquisition of Julius Montz GmbH (Montz) from the Pfaudler Group. This acquisition will increase Koch-Glitsch’s presence worldwide by strengthening its global footprint, broadening its portfolio of products, services, and intellectual property, and positioning it for entry into new markets and industries.

Montz is a leader in mass transfer solutions such as structured packings and trays, and process systems for the chemical, fine chemical, oleochemical, and pharmaceutical industries — with specialized capabilities in green technology, renewables, alcohol, food, and solvent recovery. Montz is headquartered in Hilden, Germany, and has a process technology and engineering facility in Landau, Germany.

“Koch-Glitsch’s acquisition of Julius Montz is a new and exciting chapter as we expand our capabilities to play a more significant role developing and implementing solutions to the challenges facing the world,” said Alessandro Attura, President of Koch-Glitsch Global. “Montz is a widely respected brand with a rich history and is a proven leader in providing trusted solutions in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. I’m excited to welcome its dedicated employees to Koch.”

“Montz’s capabilities are fitting with Koch-Glitch’s existing businesses,” said Thomas Kehl, CEO of the Pfaudler Group. “It is the right time for this to happen and this will result in growth opportunities for Montz; at the same time the Pfaudler Group will remain strongly focused on corrosion resistance technologies and systems as core elements for growth and future business development, and will continue in seeking strategic partnerships into these areas.”

Koch-Glitsch’s acquisition of Montz will provide the opportunity for technological and geographical synergy between the two companies that will drive increased growth. Utilizing both companies’ market knowledge and competitive advantages will benefit each other and create greater value for their customers. The acquisition will also promote growth across Koch-Glitsch by leveraging Montz’s capabilities around production processes for second-generation bioethanol as countries look to replace traditional energy sources like oil, coal, and gas.

“Julius Montz has delivered high-quality products and services for more than 100 years, and Koch-Glitsch’s acquisition of Montz is a testament to the hard work of its employees who provide unparalleled solutions for our customers,” said Günther Frey, Managing Director of Montz. “We look forward to joining Koch where we can create even more value for our customers, the communities with which we interact, and society as a whole.”

Posted August 1, 2019

Source: Koch-Glitsch