H&D Wireless Joins International Consortium To Accelerate Digital Smart Factory Technology

STOCKHOLM — June 3, 2019 — H&D Wireless, Sweden’s leading supplier of IoT modules and RTLS technology, and the Korea Institute for Advancement and Technology (KIAT), are part of a new Swedish-South Korean project, C-PALS, which stands for Cyber-Physical, Assembly and Logistics Systems. Other project partners from Sweden are Ericsson, Scania and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). The project starts on July 1 and continues for 3 years.

The purpose of the project is to develop technology and applications for connected assembly and production logistics. The project consortium, where H&D Wireless is included, is well-composed and is considered to have extensive experience of international collaborations and market innovations. Successful project outcome will help speed up the digitization of factories, improving manufacturing efficiency and reducing costs. For H&D Wireless, this signifies that the advantages of the company’s communication and positioning technology for asset tracking becomes even more evident in factories that upgrade to industry 4.0 standards.

“This project is of great interest to the Swedish automotive industry, where we will now create the digital factory. The project funding is €3 million, from grants within the EU investment EUREKA, where Swedish Vinnova and South Korean KIAT are financiers. RTLS and 5G technology will be important parts, so we are very happy to have H&D Wireless and Ericsson in the same project and to work with Scania’s smart factory and processes. To also have South Korean partners in the consortium create a very exciting combination,” said Professor Magnus Wiktorsson, Royal Institute of Technology – Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Sustainable Production Development.

“Tracking material flows in real-time is an important element in the digitalization of a factory and streamlining assembly processes. Here we have accumulated a great deal of experience in how we apply our unique radio competence for communication, safety and positioning,” says Pär Bergsten founder and CEO of H&D Wireless AB. More information about the setup of this project will be available during 2019 Q3.

June 3, 2019

Source: H&D Wireless AB