Morbern’s New Surf And Bayside Are Made For Water, Sun And Fun

HIGH POINT, N.C. — May 1, 2019 — Surf and Bayside are apt names for two new vinyls from Morbern designed to handle all the challenges that long exposure to sun and water bring. These durable, colorful, high performance products work just as well in contract and hospitality settings as they do in the marine applications for which they were designed.

Both Surf and Bayside employ Morbern’s Splash construction, a pink-stain resistant vinyl formulation, the gold standard in the marine industry. With UV protection, crack resistance and 4-way stretch, they are ideal materials for boat interiors and exteriors. While originally designed for the marine market, the wide range of colors, excellent tailorability and significant wear resistance make them a great choice for contract interiors as well.

They can handle the weather with their mildew resistance, 1,000 hours of exposure under WeatherOmeter testing, and a cold crack rating of -25 degrees Fahrenheit. And this product handles 100,000 double rubs without significant wear.


Bayside features a smooth, matte linen grain in a range of 28 colors including a wide range of neutrals plus rich, rustic and earthy shades of reds, blues, yellows and greens.


The wavy lines in Surf’s deeply grained surface mimic the flow of the sea. The matte finish keeps it feeling casual, as do the 23 colorways in a palette of neutrals plus earthy reds, greens, oranges and blues.

Posted May 1, 2019

Source: Morbern