Kornit Introduces Presto, NeoPoly Technology

Israel-based Kornit Digital has introduced the Kornit Presto, an industrial single-step solution for direct-to-fabric printing capable of running of speeds of up to 450 square meters per hour. According to the company, the Presto eliminates the need for pre- or post-treatment of the fabric, and may be used on a wide variety of fabric types. The Presto also is a water-free process that uses the new NeoPigment™ Robusto pigment-based inks. Kornit reports that the fast physical and chemical bonding characteristics of the Robusto inks offer a significant reduction in curing time. Presto is targeted toward on-demand fashion and home décor applications. The system will be commercially launched at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona.

“We were thrilled to be able to test the new system and found the Presto to be in a class by itself; it prints beautifully on all kinds of fabrics, in a single-step, with an environmentally friendly dry process, and now at a multiple of productivity,” said Gart Davis, CEO, Spoonflower — a web-based service for custom, on-demand fabric and design creation and a long-time Kornit customer.

In other company news, Kornit also introduced the Kornit NeoPoly Technology for high-quality printing on polyester. Kornit’s Avalanche Poly Pro is the first system equipped with the new NeoPoly Technology, which is aimed at the T-shirt and sport apparel market, where polyester is a key substrate.

“Kornit is on a mission to reinvent the textile printing industry with game-changing sustainable technologies for growing market segments,” said Omer Kulka, Kornit’s vice president of marketing and product strategy. “We continually work to break technology boundaries, so that our customers can innovate and open new markets and new business opportunities, while being more operationally efficient.”

May/June 2019