GIS Introduces HMB-FD-HV Driver

England-based Global InkjetSystems (GIS) has introduced the GIS Head Management Board (HMB-FD-HV), a new advanced solution for driving a variety of

Fujifilm Dimatix printheads including the Polaris, Sapphire, Emerald, Nova, Galaxy and S-Class, as well as the new Starfire. One board can drive up to 4 Fujifilm Dimatix Starfire SG600 or 4 Starfire SG1024 printheads. According to the company, the new board supports the full binary and greyscale capabilities of the printheads with multi-level waveforms, meniscus activation and jet straightening control. The GIS Atlas® user interface and Atlas Machine Control Services software are compatible with the HMB-FD-HV.

“We are able not only to support the new SG600, but also to offer an upgraded solution to users of other well-established Fujifilm printheads,” said Debbie Thorp, business development director.

March/April 2019