Biomaterial And Polymer Technology Company Ortec Growing Its Existing Anderson County South Carolina Operations

COLUMBIA, S.C. — February 15, 2019 — Ortec, a biomaterial and polymer technology company, is growing its Anderson County operations. The company intends to invest $20 million and create approximately 18 new jobs. This is Ortec’s latest expansion, following its previous $20 million investment and creation of 60 jobs in December 2016.

Founded in 1980, Ortec helps its clients reach market goals through technical expertise, high-quality systems, regulatory compliance, confidentiality and personalized service. The company develops and manufactures custom polymers for a wide variety of industries.

Located at 500 Westinghouse Road in Pendleton, S.C., Ortec will be expanding its existing facility by increasing its manufacturing capacity. Hiring for the new positions is projected to begin in the second quarter of 2019, and interested applicants should contact more information.

“Ortec is pleased to continue enlarging its corporate footprint here in South Carolina with this expansion of our Pendleton facility,”  said Ortec President Christopher Brotherton. “We appreciate the level of cooperation between the S.C. Department of Commerce, Anderson County Economic Development and the town of Pendleton that will ensure the project’s success. This is not only an investment for our growth today, but for many years to come.”

“South Carolina’s manufacturing industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, and we have a strong workforce and competitive business environment to thank for that,” said South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster. “We welcome this new investment by Ortec and look forward to seeing the impact these new jobs will have on Anderson County.”

“It’s no secret that South Carolina is having great success in the world of manufacturing, and today’s announcement by Ortec is just the latest testament to that,” said Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt. “I’m proud to congratulate Ortec on this terrific expansion and look forward to their continued growth in Anderson County.”

“Anderson County is pleased to celebrate Ortec’s expansion announcement, which is only possible through our partnership with the town of Pendleton and the Sandy Springs Water Company,” said Anderson County Councilman Brett Sanders, District 4. “This project is just the first of many economic development projects coming to the Pendleton and Sandy Springs communities.”

“This joint public-private partnership reinforces our belief that Pendleton is positioned for growth with direction toward the future and a belief that cooperation will produce positive results,” said Pendleton Mayor Frank Crenshaw. “We would like to thank Ortec, Anderson County and all the officials who helped us provide the best possible proposal for the company, while allowing us to make the best decisions for the town. During this time of growth in our town, it is more important than ever that we remain responsible stewards of our community.”

Fast Facts

  • Ortec is expanding its existing Anderson County operations.
  • $20 million investment to create approximately 18 new jobs.
  • Ortec is a leading biomaterial and polymer technology company.
  • Located at 500 Westinghouse Road in Pendleton, S.C., Ortec will be expanding its existing facility by increasing its manufacturing capacity.

Posted February 15, 2019

Source: Office of the Governor of South Carolina