Quality, Reliability And Productivity With The New Monforts Felt Compactor Range

MÖNCHENGLADBACH, Germany — August 13, 2018 — The new Easy Compact range from Monforts has been specifically designed for the advanced compacting of open width knitted fabrics.

Compacting is an essential stage in the finishing process, with a decisive influence on the final quality of knitted styles such as jerseys, piques, interlocks, plushes and ribs. It perfectly controls shrinkage and reduces yarn slippage while providing fabrics with a smooth, soft, fluffy and silky touch, adding lustre and improving opacity.

The stretching field of the new Monforts Easy Compact is equipped with a vertical chain return and its twin felts guarantee controlled shrinkage and the lowest possible shrinkage values. They are constructed from 100-percent Nomex® to ensure a long lifetime and durability, even under high process temperature conditions.

As a result of the Easy Compact’s twin felt configuration, the desired quality is completely identical on both sides of the fabric being treated and its frequency-controlled drives provide completely reproducible fabric tension quality.

Other key features include a sturdy pinning-in unit, a motorized selvedge uncurler device, and a stainless steel tandem supporting bar for mark-free center support. The non-stop winder at the end of the range can be fitted with an optional fabric cooling device on the adjustable speed conveyor belt.

The Easy Compact, which is available for all markets worldwide, is controlled by the latest Monforts Qualitex PLC system, with teleservice access for ease of maintenance and software updates and the trusted Monforts guarantees of quality, reliability and productivity.

Posted August 13, 2018

Source: A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG