Bolger & O’Hearn Launches OmniBloq

Fall River, Mass.-based Bolger & O’Hearn (B&O) recently introduced OmniBloq, a stormproof and breathable performance finish. Outdoor apparel brands recently had a sneak peek at the finish during the Meteorite Winter Adventure Camp held in Boulder. “The reception was overwhelmingly positive,” said Shaun O’Hearn, president, B&O.

“We sparked some big excitement for outdoor garment and sportswear media and manufacturers because everyone is looking for innovation while minimizing risk to brand equity. B&O is proving to be the bridge between innovation and risk management that brands need.”

According to the company, OmniBloq delivers the waterproof and breathable properties in a single-layer construction versus a multilayer product featuring fabrics, films, glues and tapes. The product is perfluorooctanoic acid-free; offers protection against water, oils and stains; and garments treated with the finish can be recycled.

March/April 2018