Bemberg™: The Asahi Kasei Precious And Unique Material Presented For The First Time At Première Vision New York

JAPAN — January 31, 2018 — The first generation of Asahi Kasei Bemberg™ premium material was developed in 1931 and currently, Asahi Kasei is the unique producer of this one-of-a-kind extraordinary, new generation, natural smart material whose elegant beauty and touch is perfect for the modern wardrobe fashions of today. While developing it, Asahi Kasei’s attention has been focused on one attribute: preciousness. Obviously, in the Asahi Kasei’s vision this means also finesse innovation and responsible values.

For its elegance and unique feeling, Bemberg is the perfect solution for contemporary fashion and lining. Being the material extremely soft and versatile, it can be adopted by tailors both for women and men haute-couture dresses. In fact, its particular characteristics make Bemberg a top- level material that highlights elegant and distinguish quality garments. It is antistatic and humidity regulating; as a consequence it is warm in winter and cool in summer. Moreover its amorphous structure absorbs moisture better than other fibers. Thanks to its attributes, the material has also become a must-have for the casualwear, athleisure and sportswear given its comfort characteristics.

A proof of the extraordinary attributes of this material can be found in the international premium and luxury brands, which have opted for Bemberg: leading brands such as Diesel, Margiela, Drykorn and Jacob Cohen are using this textile for their products.

The collection displayed at PREMIÈRE VISION NY will include a variety of luxury lining from first-rate Italian and Japanese lining producers that have decided to embrace innovation and to adopt Bemberg for their manufacturing.

And also, Bemberg will show fashion fabrics from key European and Japanese producers like Debs, Infinity, Ipeker, Sidonios Malhas, Silver, SMI Tessuti, Tintex Textiles, that have adopted Bemberg for their precious developments.

If the beauty and the feeling of this material leave no doubts about its excellence, Bemberg has now also a defined responsible profile. It is a new generation material made from the smart-tech transformation of a cotton linter, bio-utility waste, converted through a traceable and transparent process, representing a perfect circular economy fiber model since the beginning of its production. An Innovhub 3rd party lab test proves Bemberg can claim a fully biodegradable end of life option, and to add an extra layer to its smart credentials, Bemberg has just received the GRS certification (Global Recycling Standard) which dovetails with the completed, recent LCA study, signed by ICEA, securing a quality profile for Bemberg. Taken together, they redefine its responsible status today, while paving the way to measure and confirm the smart improvement possibilities for the future.

In sum, Bemberg is clearly a success for Asahi Kasei, which has accomplished the set goal of developing a premium material whose main attribute is being precious from every point of view. Finesse has been achieved thanks to the creation of a material that is incredibly smooth to touch and pleasing to the eye. Innovation has been reached thanks to a fiber structure that guarantees humidity regulation and moisture absorption characteristics. Finally, the “responsible values” goal was fulfilled thanks to a lifecycle that is controlled, certified and sustainable.

All of these characteristics in only one textile, makes Bemberg one of the most desirable materials for the creation of the modern wardrobe.

Posted January 31, 2018

Source: Asahi Kasei