Airweave Unveils Hyperdown Duvet In The United States

NEW YORK CITY — November 15, 2017 — Airweave, a sleep solution brand in Japan, forges into a new product category in the United States and unveils another innovative technology with the airweave Hyperdown Duvet.

With its unique composition and intelligent design, the Duvet features a proprietary synthetic fill (Hyperdown) that, thanks to its molecular makeup, is ultra-lightweight and has the ability to convert moisture into heat. In addition Hyperdown is antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and odor-resistant. The Duvet is encased in luxurious 449 thread count of cotton sateen, expertly finished so that it conforms to your body to stay in place while you sleep and provide maximum heat retention.

“We strive to create technologically advanced products for the most comfortable sleep environment possible,” said airweave Founder and CEO Motokuni Takaoka. “The Hyperdown Duvet is the perfect wintertime complement to our line of mattresses.”

The Hyperdown Duvet joins airweave’s line of mattresses and cushions including the Mattress, Top Mattress, and Ritz Paris Travel Collection in the US. It first debuted in Japan in 2016 where it is sold in 150 retailers across the country and online at Total sales of the Hyperdown Duvet in Japan for 2017 are projected to hit $2 million. Passengers flying first class on Japan Airlines can enjoy the comfort of the Duvet on select international flights. The Hyperdown Duvet has been recognized by the Omotenashi Selection — a curation of products made in Japan awarded for their exceptional, thoughtful design and shared all over the world.

The Airweave Hyperdown Duvet is the new-school solution for warmth this winter.  Say goodbye dirty down, heavy comforters and electric blankets. With unparalleled warmth and comfort, you stay in a deeper state of sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed when you wake up … and longing to get back into bed.

Posted November 15, 2017

Source: airweave