OutDoor 2017: New Sympatex Brand Campaign To Promote Feel And Look Instead Of Looking Away

MUNICH/UNTERFÖHRING — June 14, 2017 — Clearly feeling the untouched vastness, the deep feeling of freedom as well as breathtaking moments of silence in the midst of the wilderness – how long will we still be able to do that? Trump withdraws from the Kyoto Protocols, the G20 states will vote on urgently needed measures against the massive waste pollution of the oceans and Greenpeace denounces lacking upcycling efforts of international trading companies in its recent DETOX study. But why should we wait until politicians and the industry finally do something? With its “Think about what on earth you’re doing to the environment by wearing outdoor apparel you don’t think about” advertisement claim, Sympatex wants to reveal that each single outdoor fan can make their personal contribution to environmental protection already today.

Awareness, education and the necessary sense of responsibility towards our environment – all this can and should be decision drivers for the right outdoor item of clothing in the future. Alternatives that don’t necessitate any compromise on the required performance already largely exist on the market. Be it fluorocarbon-free membranes and treatments, fully recycled and recyclable functional materials or the possibility to buy 100-percent climate-neutral end products. As an ecological pioneer among functional textile specialists, Sympatex reveals that all this is possible already today and calls upon the entire industry to follow its example.

“Enjoying with reason — this is the incentive of our new campaign. It is high time and the technology is available — this has also been revealed by our ‘Design Hackathon‘* where we recently created the most sustainable functional jacket 4.0 together with 20 bloggers and influencers. We have to keep a sharp eye on each other in industry instead of still trying to start a hare”, explained Dr. Rüdiger Fox, CEO of Sympatex Technologies GmbH.

From the middle of June onwards, the campaign will be launched on different print and digital platforms that have been created by Sympatex together with INKCorporated and TERRITORY webguerillas in Munich. The different print motives are available via this link: http://www.sympatex.com/en/information/145/press

Posted June 14, 2017

Source: Sympatex Technologies