MagnaColours® Launches Expert Colour-matching Tool MagnaMix 3.0

BARNSLEY, England — March 21, 2017 — MagnaColours® Ltd. has launched a revolutionary new color-matching tool, MagnaMix 3.0, which promises to raise the bar in allowing printers to perfectly translate designs to reality.

In a new departure for this updated edition, the manufacturer of water-based textile inks has made the downloadable program available on both PCs and Macs, in an easy to use and innovative interface. The resulting color matching potential, will allow printers to more accurately match the tones in MagnaColours ink ranges, ensuring a consistent color-quality.

Helen Parry, managing director of MagnaColours said: “We’ve become well-known for our innovative approach to business and MagnaMix 3.0 is yet another demonstration of where we’re pushing the boundaries. One of the more frustrating things for printers and manufacturers, is matching accurate colors, quickly. MagnaMix 3.0 will help ensure a consistent, quality finish, that stays true to the original designs and isn’t time-consuming.”

The new service has a number of new benefits, which include accurate cost-projections, based on mesh and ink-coverage; an enhanced number of formulations and options, including the popular Aquaflex range of inks; and a bespoke log-in area available for high-volume customers.

MagnaColours® Ltd has worked exclusively with water-based ink since it was established in 1978. As such, the business has a strong environmental element to its offer, an ethos that runs throughout the business and its products. Over that time, MagnaColours has become established as a recognized worldwide leader in water-based inks. MagnaMix 3.0 helps screen printers to eradicate wastage from their printing processes, further boosting environmental credentials.

Posted March 21, 2017

Source: MagnaColours® Ltd