HeiQ, Patagonia Research DWR Finish

Ventura, Calif.-based Patagonia and Switzerland-based HeiQ have announced a partnership to develop a sustainable finishing technology that will impart high-performance breathable and durable water repellence (DWR). In recent years, concerns about perfluorinated chemistries have driven suppliers to research alternatives.

“Shattering the status quo for DWR is of paramount importance to Patagonia,” said Matt Dwyer, director of material innovation and development at Patagonia. “However, we will not be successful unless we also achieve the quality and performance that our customers demand, a calculated partnership is a key means of doing so.”

“At HeiQ, we carefully choose our brand partners before initiating a cooperative research project to ensure that the joint effort is going to create the highest value possible for both parties, and more importantly, for consumers,” said Colin Lantz, vice president of HeiQ Brandforce. “Patagonia and HeiQ share the same vision that technology can perfect our every-day textile products. This formed the basis for this partnership.”

March/April 2017