MagnaColours® Introduces Ink, Discharge Bases

England-based MagnaColours® Ltd. recently introduced a non-drying, water-based textile ink suitable for printing bright colors onto high mesh-count textiles.

According to the company, MagnaPrint® ND (non-drying) ink achieves optimal results with none of the harmful environmental side effects produced by polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and formaldehyde.

“Many in our industry have questioned whether water-based inks will ever match the ease of use of their PVC counterparts,” said Tom Abbey, managing director, MagnaColours. “Not only have we achieved this, but we’ve exceeded our own high standards, producing an ink that truly stands apart.”

The company also launched a range of formaldehyde-free discharge bases. Used with MagnaPrint® Discharge Fastness Enhancer, the water-based discharge base creates bold and bright effects and is durable to washing, according to the company.

January/February 2017