Hygienically Clean Healthcare Advisory Enhances Standard Increases inspections And Gathering Sample Surface Testing Results

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — December 14, 2016 — The Hygienically Clean Healthcare Advisory recently voted to enhance the program by adding a second “supplemental inspection” within a facility’s three-year certification period. In addition, the Advisory re-confirmed its philosophy of focusing on outcome-based best management practices (BMPs) and Quality Assurance (QA) that directly impact the cleanliness of healthcare linens and garments.

“An additional inspection enhances the Hygienically Clean Healthcare Standard by increasing validation,” said Advisory Chair Randy Bartsch, Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service. “We are also authorizing inspectors to conduct sample ATP critical control point surface testing within the laundry to identify potential risk areas and for future consideration into the Hygienically Clean Healthcare Standard testing protocols.”

The Advisory also received an update from Certification Manager Angela Freeman: 132 plants from 53 companies are currently certified or pursuing Hygienically Clean Healthcare certification with a 100 percent recertification renewal rate for 2016.

Finally, the Advisory discussed potential research projects to strengthen hygienically clean processes and increase the use of reusable textiles and discussed issues identified by Hygienically Clean’s independent, third-party inspectors. In addition, the Advisory received a review of 2017 marketing initiatives and outreach including the launch of TRSA’s Healthcare Community extending the distribution and access of healthcare-related resources, news, trends and best practices to thousands of individuals responsible for the handling and management of healthcare textiles.

The Advisory reconvened following the Conference to discuss a recently released study (FEMS Microbiology Letters, “Clostridium difficile environmental contamination within a clinical laundry facility in the USA,” October 14, 2016), as well as subsequent coverage and responses from other organizations. The Advisory agreed that the study did not identify any risks to healthcare workers or patients and that comments made by other organizations were misleading, creating false concerns regarding the cleanliness of healthcare textiles.

“Hygienically Clean Healthcare protocols include testing for clostridium difficile (C. diff),” stated Freeman. “With thousands of textile tests completed, none have indicated any significant levels of C. diff.”

Hygienically Clean Healthcare Advisory

  • Randy Bartsch, CEO, Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service Inc.
  • James Buckman, Director, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Cintas Corp.
  • Linda Burgman, Vice President, CleanCare
  • Eoin Flavin, Director, European Operations, Washing Systems Ltd
  • Alexis M. Elward, MD, Pediatric Infectious Disease, Washington University School of Medicine
  • David F. Goldsmith, MSPH, PhD, George Washington University, Georgetown University
  • Jack Heaviside, National Sales & Service Manager, Sunburst Chemicals, Inc.
  • Rick Kislia, Chief Operating Officer, Crescent Laundry
  • Kevin McLaren, Director, Research and Development, Gurtler Industries
  • Lynn A. Moreau, RN, BSN, Clinical Liaison Manager, HandCraft Linen Services
  • Gerard O’Neil, American Laundry Systems
  • Michael Potack, President, Unitex Textile Rental Services
  • Robert Raphael, Co-President, Service Linen Supply Inc.
  • Chuck Rossmiller, Director, Laundry Programs, Medline Industries
  • David J. Stern, President & CEO, Paris Companies
  • Doug Waldman, CEO, Superior Linen

Posted December 16, 2016

Source: TRSA