Thermore® Ecodown® And Thermosoft® : Green Light At Thermore

MILAN, Italy — October 4, 2016 — Thermore shows the next big step towards sustainability with Thermore® Ecodown® the fully recycled content product line and Thermore Thermosoft® now made of 50-perceent recycled polyester at Performance Days.

Thermore has always been at the forefront in developing durable and resistant thermal insulation with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

In the mid 80’s, Thermore was the first company to introduce a thermal insulation made from recycled fibers from PET bottles.

Thermore has mastered the use of recycled polyester like no other company in the industry the last 30 years.

All of this experience and knowledge in sustainability has recently been used by Thermore® to take the next major step towards sustainability by converting the entire Ecodown® product line to fully recycled polyester content, derived exclusively from PET water bottles.

The new Ecodown is the only synthetic product in the market to be made from 100%, post- consumer plastic bottles. This allows the reuse of a

10 PET Bottles
Considerable number of bottles, which would have otherwise ended their useful life as waste in a landfill. Depending on the application, outerwear insulated with Ecodown can save up to 10 bottles per garment. Also, using PET bottles instead of oil will help protect energy reserves for future generations. Along with Ecodown, Thermore Thermosoft is now made 50 percent of recycled polyester. Thermosoft has the best value in a branded insulation product for today’s performance outerwear.

What’s equally impressive is that the new recycled thermal insulations and all other sustainable products by Thermore do not require special quilting restrictions or fabrics- and can be washed and/ or dry cleaned with confidence. This high level of durability equates to exceptional, long term warmth over the life of a garment.

A wide variety of weights and thickness options cater perfectly to every possible design requirement.

At Performance Days an updated version of the Ispo Award winning Thermore Stretch is also going to be presented: high stretchability now at a competitive price!

Posted October 4, 2016

Source: Thermore