Colorado Classic® Presented By VF Corp. Announces Commitment To Becoming The Greenest Pro Cycling Race In North America

DENVER — April 30, 2019 — The Colorado Classic presented by VF Corp. announced its commitment to becoming the greenest pro cycling race in North America. The 2019 race will incorporate more than a dozen initiatives supporting sustainability, energy efficiency, water conservation, resource management and sustainable transportation.

The race has been awarded “Certifiably Green” status by the City of Denver. No other bike race in the state of Colorado has received this designation and the Colorado Classic is the largest event in Colorado to receive this certification. The race has earned the designation through numerous initiatives that will take place at this year’s event, which include:

  • Purchasing carbon offsets for ground transportation;
  • Eliminating the sale of bottled water and providing free water fill stations at the main Denver expo;
  • Eliminating or reducing printed material, and using 100% recycled products when possible;
  • Onsite recycling with mandatory vendor compliance;
  • Landfill waste diversion with a goal of at least 60% diversion;
  • Anti-idling requirement for on-site vehicles;
  • Donation of unused food and beverage to a women’s shelter; and
  • Promotion of bicycling to the event with safe routes and free bike-rack parking.

“The Colorado Classic team has gone above and beyond to ensure this event protects the environment,” said Emily Backus, Sustainability Advisor for Denver’s Department of Public Health & Environment. “The Colorado Classic presented by VF Corporation mirrors Denver Public Health & Environment’s mission of empowering Denver communities to live better, longer by promoting healthy activity and a clean environment. I look forward to seeing their efforts in action during the race!”

The race will apply the sustainable principles of Certifiably Green Denver to its operations in its race host locations, which will be announced later this spring.

The race announced that it will follow the Colorado Tourism Office’s “Care for Colorado” principles and will encourage fans and attendees to “Leave No Trace” while visiting or enjoying the state of Colorado.

“The Colorado Classic will bring spectators from our own state and around the world to watch pro women cyclists race through Colorado’s iconic mountain and urban terrain,” said Cathy Ritter, Director of the Colorado Tourism Office. “Many of those spectators will also plan to stay before and after the race to further enjoy Colorado’s natural assets. We’re excited to partner with the race to encourage those spectators, whether they are residents or visiting, to Care for Colorado and Leave No Trace after they are gone.”

The race is proud to partner with the Regional Air Quality Council’s (RAQC) Simple Steps. Better Air. program, which encourages residents in the Denver Metro area to reduce car trips for better air.

“The Colorado Classic shares our mission to improve air quality, which is an issue for the Denver metro area,” said Mike Silverstein, executive director of the RAQC. “We are encouraging spectators and their families to leave their cars at home and bike or take public transit to Colorado Classic events. It’s a simple step to improving the air we all breathe.”

For its carbon offset program, the race is working with the Colorado Carbon Fund to remove an equivalent amount of emissions created by all of the vehicles needed to support the race — from repair vans to pace cars.  “It is clear that the Colorado Classic recognizes the seriousness of climate change,” said Brandon Welch, program director of the Colorado Carbon Fund.  “I applaud that the race is taking a stand on carbon emissions and helping support the environmental movement in Colorado.”

Additionally, the Colorado Classic is working with SCRAPS — a woman-owned and pedal-powered compost pickup service based in Denver. SCRAPS will pick up all compostable trash by bicycle from the 2019 Colorado Classic race sites and a planned expo in Denver. SCRAPS will also consult with the other race’s host locations to encourage following similar protocols for compost pickup. The partnership with SCRAPS is part of the race’s commitment to divert at least 60 percent of the race’s waste from landfills to compost and recycling.

“Our mission of becoming the best pro women’s cycling race in the world includes making the race as sustainable and green as possible,” said Lucy Diaz, COO for RPM Events Group, which organizes the race. “We’re fortunate to have partners, sponsors and host cities who are aligned in that mission.”

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Posted April 30, 2019

Source: RPM Events Group