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ITMA 2011 Exhibitor Previews

Retech AG

Hall 2, Booth D122

Fibers drawing to perfection
This is the motto of the Swiss company. As an innovative producer of components and godet rolls for heating and drawing synthetic filaments, Retech is presenting various innovations and enhancements. In addition and for the first time Retech is exhibiting the well known and globally installed Win-OLT thread line tension control system operating in DTY-production as exclusive producer.

In recent years Retech is said to have gained one of the leading positions as a supplier of heated godet rolls for spin-draw lines. This has been further enhanced and improved so that today original equipment manufacturers (OEM) have faith in the superior products and quality from Retech. Besides equipping new machines with the necessary close team work with the OEM, cooperation comes into focus with large fiber producers who develop new polymers and processes as well as the necessary machines under their own regime. Thus the specified draw stands and heating equipment are built by Retech according to their directions.

Such collaboration enables Retech to acquire new applications outside the conventional textile industries, e.g. solar energy, medical technology, the plastics industry and other technical applications and to introduce the existing know how to clients for their benefit, generating profits, flexibility and efficiency in these new business areas.

Exhibits: Godet Motor Technology
Energy saving remains an important topic and it is therefore a strong sales argument. Four years ago with the introduction of ESM (Energy Saving Motor) motor technology the first Retech milestone was reached. This concept has been developed further so that nowadays all sizes of godet rolls are available with motors having alternative sizes 71 / 80 / 90 or 112. This covers the entire spectrum of godet rolls efficiently, whilst offering savings in both cost and energy.

However not all clients and market segments can be convinced by this modern technology. Therefore there is still an insistence for conventional drive systems to be supplied. That is why Retech has developed a modular system which allows the customer to select an individual drive-system. The appropriate bearing technology can be chosen according to both speed and torque requirements in order to provide a flexible, customized and process oriented solution.

The following configurations can be specified simply and cost effectively from the modular kit:
  • Conventional reluctance-motor with bearings for up to 7'000 rpm
  • Reluctance motor with high speed bearings for up to 16'000 rpm
  • Asynchronous motor with bearings for up to 7'000 rpm
  • Asynchronous motor with high speed bearings for up to 10'000 rpm
  • ESM synchronous motor with permanent magnet design for up to 7'000 rpm
  • ESM synchronous motor with high-speed bearings for up to 10'000 rpm.

Such flexibility allows the customer to select and to identify the correct product according to his specific requirements.

Godet rolls: Temperature transmitter and controller
Retech has re-designed their temperature transmitters and is now able to offer the appropriate transmitter in a modular form, no matter whether the demand is for new godet rolls or for a retrofit of existing godet rolls with upgraded temperature transmission and/or temperature control.

The temperature transmitter types TTR-3 / TTR-1 are being replaced by the new generation of multi-purpose transmitters (UTR) which are available in different configurations. They can transmit range data through one to a maximum of 6 channels. Included are 1 - 6 control PT100 / PT1000 temperature sensors or with a number of over-protection PT100 / PT1000 depending on individual choice and requirement.

The innovation of the UTR lies in the new form and design, which are unique. The rotor is very compact, like the carrier tube of the PT100 temperature sensor. The stator is slipped over the rotor and fixed to the motor shaft. This novel concept, which has been tested successfully during the past 12 months in various field trials, allows a space saving installation and is well protected from external impact and contamination. These are just some of many advantages. Retech are looking forward to presenting the new UTR in more detail and in operation to the interested audience during the show.

The signal is transmitted and either controlled directly by the Universal Controller (UCR) for configurations up to 3 PT100 sensors or for configurations up to 6 PT100 using the Compact Controller CR-7. The controller is integrated via interface (RS-485 / PROFIBUS) into the existing main frame or is operated directly by means of universal visualizing (UVI).

If it is requested to continue to use of the existing communication and control systems, an Universal Converter (USC) can provide the required signal. There are 3 different options / solutions available: Current (0 (4) - 20 mA), voltage (0 - 10 V) or frequency (20 Hz - 25 kHz according to the graph). In future the series will be extended by a converter for BUS interfaces (CAN). This broad flexibility enables Retech to provide excellent and efficient solutions for many tasks.

Air Bearing Separator Rolls
Retech have expanded continuously their range of air-bearing-separator rolls during the past four years. Starting with common dimensions (58 x 228 mm / 58 x 320 mm), which are used in the spinning line, they provide an ideal solution for high speeds, high axial and radial forces, low inertia and high temperatures in combination with godet rolls. In addition Retech can provide smaller air bearing separator rolls, or wrapping and feed rolls (35x80 mm  / 36 x 158 mm), having the same characteristics. The major advantage of air bearing separator rolls is the very low air consumption compared to other brands. Savings up to 30 % and higher can be achieved.

Other applications are being added continuously. Meanwhile micro rolls in disc format are available as well as grooved rolls for up to 4 threads. These also use air bearing technology and can be operated in heated ovens at high speed (up to 60'0000 rpm). They can be used also for minimal wrapping and superfine filament processing. The inertia is extremely low due to the air bearing technology, which allows the processing of such superfine filaments reducing the friction almost to zero. The entire range of Air Bearing Separator Rolls in operation will be shown.

Retech, the inventor of Win-OLT, is now in a position to serve the markets of all existing and new draw-textured yarn (DTY) machines and to deliver the well known and proven Win-OLT System for monitoring the yarn tension in the DTY process. The company was the original developer of the Win-OLT software and the entire electronics of the system, including the micro-processor printed circuit board and also the yarn tension sensor itself.

Win-OLT covers all known processes allowing the yarn manufacturers to monitor their production consistently. This is necessary to meet the highest quality requirements. Due to the fact that Retech developed the roots of the Win-OLT and has the complete know how for all parts that are their designated property, Retech is able to serve both existing and new clients efficiently. This fact is well appreciated in the market and enables Retech to meet competently the large demand.

The proven HALL-sensor technology is used globally, allowing trouble-free, long term application in a well-known harsh environment. The sensor is available in 3 different tension ranges under the name of Yarn Tension Sensor (YTS). The low tension range is used mainly for PA applications (0-60 cN), the standard range for PET applications (0-120 cN) and the higher range for heavier counts and for bulked continuous filament (BCF) applications (0-240 cN). The sensors are applied by the end-user and several machine manufacturers either connected to a networked PC or as a stand-alone system.

CaptionsPicture 1: "Godet 190 x 350 mm heated with ESM synchronous motor size 112".Picture 2: "Retech temperature transmitter and controller flow chart".Picture 3: "Air Bearing Separator Roll type ABSR 58 x 320 mm.Picture 4: "Yarn Tension Sensor YTS").