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12/07/2015 - 12/11/2015

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ITMA 39 99 Spinning

A guide to some new innovations in spinning

 In this final series of preview articles on ITMA 99, ATI takes a look what some of the key yarn production (both natural and man-made fibers) machinery manufacturers in the spinning and spinning preparation areas will show in Paris. A-BAllma (Saurer-Allma GmbH), Germany, Hall 1, Stand J 49, will show the new Saurer TurboSilker for the Two-for-One twisting of silk with a completely new spindle concept. The unit can run at up to 60-percent higher speeds with the same energy consumption levels as conventional processes, according to the company.Allma will also show the Saurer ElastoTwister, a new generation of covering twisting machine for staple yarns. Production speeds of up to 17,000 rpm are possible.Amsler Tex AG, Switzerland will exhibit in Hall 1, Stand H 51A.Armstrong, Germany, Hall 2/1, Stand A 40, will show components for ring, rotor and jet spinning, combing, drawing, roving, texturing, draw twisting and carpet yarn.Among the offering will be the newest soft cot technology (Shore A70) in the J-470 cot. Special benefits of the Accotex J-470 are longer buffing cycles, and short grinding times to achieve a smooth surface and uniform profile. It can be used with natural and synthetic fibers.Barmag AG, Germany, will exhibit in Hall 1, Stand B 06.Henry Berchtold AG (Berkol), Switzerland, Hall 1, Stand B 39, will display new covering for superior cots, specially developed for cotton spinning, as well as, mixed and synthetic fibers. The company will also display its line of cots and aprons Berkol and lubrication systems.C-DCeramTec, Germany, Hall 2/2, Stand C 20A, will show spinning components made of advanced ceramics. For ring spinning, the company will show components that are improved and adapted to different industrial environments and conditions with ceramic rings and ceramic coated travelers. For rotor spinning, the company will show high speed navels for blends and 100-percent synthetics.CeramTec will also show highly innovative components for open end spinning and high speed friction disc texturing with Cerasoft GX-unit for texturing.Cognetex S.p.A., Italy, Hall 1, Stand B 14, will present a new intersecting for last passage of preparation to spinning for fine and extra-fine counts; a new breaking machine with small dimensions and high production; a new model of integrated intersecting to ensure more flexibility in the use and better quality of the sliver, particularly for after the breaking passage.The company will also show a complete range of intersecting lines for combing and preparation to spinning, and a new generation of ring spinning frames, IDEA for worsted fibers having wool staple length, incorporating single-drive and double-drive to produce quality at very high speed.Conitex Sonoco, Gastonia, N.C., Hall 2/2, Stand D 31B, will exhibit its new name and logo for the first time internationally since Conitex recently acquired the paper cone and 54mm paper tube worldwide manufacturing facilities of Sonoco Products.Products on display will include precision-made paper cones and tubes that have become the standard in the spun-yarn industry. Representatives from each of Conitex Sonocos eight manufacturing plants will be on site.Georg Sahm GmbHandCo. KG, Germany, Hall 1, Booth C 12, will present their full range of winding technology in low-speed winding applications. Winding demonstrations of tape, monofilament multifilament, carbon-fiber and nonwovens will be exhibited. The redesigned SAHM 230E/GE winder will also be exhibited. The highlight of the exhibit will be the new family of Multifilament compact spinning lines, named SAHM 4000 series. Giuseppe Cresspi S.A.S., Italy, Hall 2/3, Stand A 16, will present a new generation of spinning cans, as well as carts and trucks for the textile industry.Day Inter-national UK Ltd., United Kingdom, Hall 2/3, Stand A 14, will display new products including the Optima 2000, a high-speed ring spinning apron, and the AJ424, a tough apron for air-jet spinning. In addition, Day will exhibit short staple cots and aprons, long staple cots and aprons, drawing and combing cots, texturing cots and aprons, glassforming aprons, open end cots, shrinkage blankets, rub aprons, rubber covered rolls, tapes and belts.Dent Instrumentation Ltd., United Kingdom, Hall 2/2, Stand E 50, will introduce a new range of advanced sensing systems, including the new Reflex sensor which can detect yarns such as five dtex elastomeric at very low speeds; a creel bar sensor, a contact free device with fast response, 10 milliseconds, if required, microprocessor control for the counting of ends and the indication of a broken yarn; and a first break detection system for multiple end take up winders with the potential of including self diagnostics for early warning of problems.E-FEadie Bros.andCo. Ltd., United Kingdom, Hall 2/2, Stand E 19, will display rings for ring spinning and ring twisting, as well as, travelers, and tools for travelers.Electro-Jet, S.A., Spain, Hall 1, Stand G 12, will exhibit traveling cleaners; automatic transport systems for bobbin, cones and cans; palletizing machines and automatic packing lines; and automatic sets to clean, classify and lay spinning tubes.English Card Clothing Co. Ltd., United Kingdom, will exhibit in Hall 1, Stand G 23.Dr. Ernst Fehrer AG, Austria, Hall 1, Stand G 10, will show its DREF friction spinning machines.Fibreguide Ltd., United Kingdom, Hall 2/2, Stand G 52, will show air-texturing jets and polyurethane twisting discs. The new FGT air-texturing jet offers excellent performance and consistency at high throughput speeds on a wide range of yarns in single and multi-end applications, according to the company.Fibreguides polyurethane twisting discs are offered in a nine millimeter thick version with a range of specifications to suit all major friction twisting units.Fratelli Marzoli, Italy, Hall 1, Stand F 02, will exhibit a new B38 cotton cleaner, C501 card, PX80 comber, Marzoli-Vouk Unimax Draw Frame. Other new products exhibited will include FT1-D roving frames featuring the new inverter drive system, the new RST-1 ring frame also featuring the new inverter drives eliminating the need to change yarn count gears and twist gears. H-IHamel AG, Switzerland, Hall 1, Stand H 48, will show the latest version of its Three-for One twisting machine, the Saurer TritecTwister.The machine features higher production values, wider application range and lower energy costs. According to the company, the unit can ply yarns in the Nm 20/2 to Nm 170/2 range.Heberlein Fiber Technology Inc., Switzerland, Hall 2/2, Stand D 30, will exhibit the following new products: for Taslan air texturing, the HemaCore Series S, high-speed cores and the HemaCore SeriesT, K1 type new ceramic for low maintenance; for interlacing, the PolyJet FT25-2, a new interlacing jet for high speed draw texturing; and for air covering, the SlideJet with enlarged new jet program.The company will also exhibit other established products, including for Taslan air texturing, the HemaJet and HemaJet EO-52, wide range of HemaCore Series T; the HemaSlub, a fancy yarn production system, and the HemaSpun, a spun like yarn production system. For interlacing, the PolyJet for filament spinning and spin-draw-texturing BCF; SlideJet for draw texturing and air covering; and CompaJet and DetorqueJet for draw texturing.Howa Machinery Ltd., Japan, will exhibit in Hall 1, Stand J 05.ICBT Groupe, France, Hall 1, Stand D 10, will exhibit three fine count twisters including the DT 360 E, the G 316 EM, and the JD 1200.Two technical yarn twisting machines will be shown including the CDDT 510 ST E for carpet yarn, and the CP 510 STEM for tire cord.In addition the FTF 15 E2 HT AD false twist texturing machine, and the AT 900 new generation air texturing machine will be exhibited.L-PLakshmi Card Clothing Manufacturing Co. Ltd., India, Hall 2/2, Stand F 52, will show metallic card clothing, flexible card clothing, and a stationery flat system.LOEPFE (Gebruder Loepfe AG), Switzerland, Hall 1, Stand C 01, will exhibit quality monitoring systems including: the Yanmaster Spectra with the optional Lab-Pack integrating surface index (SFI), reporting surface conditions of the yarn. LOPTEX, Italy, Hall 1, Stand D 11, will be exhibiting its SORTER which detects and rejects contamination in natural fibers as they pass through the opening room duct of a spinning mill.Murata Machinery Ltd., Japan, Hall 4, Stand A 51, will exhibit yarn production machinery for both natural and man-made fibers.In air-jet spinning, the company will show its No. 851 MVS Vortex air-jet spinning machine. The No. 851 MVS is the first air-jet spinning machine to produce knotless yarn with 100-percent cotton fiber. It was introduced at OTEMAS 97. The No. 802HR air-jet machine, designed for high productivity of medium yarn counts, will also be shown. In winding, Murata will show the No. 7V-II Machi Coner Bobbin Tray Type, the No. 7-V Mach Coner Cone to Cone Type and the No. 7V-II Link Coner.On the man-made yarn side, the company will show its No. 33H Mach Crimper and No. 33J-II Mach Crimper draw texturing machines; the No. 778 High Speed Take-Up Winder, the No. 748 High Speed Take-Up Winder, and the No. 459 Spandex Winder; and the No. 37S air-jet crimper air-jet texturing machine.Neuenhauser Maschinenbau GmbHandCo. KG, Germany, Hall 5, Stand B 39 will introduce new developments in its three product lines for the textile industry.The company will show its new Top Duct 2 traveling cleaner for the first time during the ITMA exhibition. In addition, the company will also show a batch winder and transport automation for spinning mills.Nuova Saccardo, Italy, Hall 2/2, Stand E 33, will show all type of plastic yarn carriers for preparation, spinning, winding and twisting. The company will also have patented items for customized dyeing on display.Officine Delpiano S.N.C., Italy, Hall 2/1, Stand B 51, will present the FDP double-sided, worsted, ring-spinning frame with electronic single drive; a FDP double-sided, worsted, ring-spinning frame with mechanical double drive; the FD 111 electronic, woolen, ring-spinning frame; and the FD 106 electronic, semi-worsted ring-spinning frame.According to the company, these machines have electronic drive and are equipped with automatic doffing and creeling. R-SRedman Card Clothing Co. Inc., Andover, Mass., Hall 2/2, Stand C 39, will show its raising fillet, tiger brush, pull roll and cleaning brush products.ReinersandFuerst GmbH Co., Germany, Hall 2/2, Stand D 35, will show CERA-NIT Spinning Rings.The company will also show spinning and twisting rings including its Champion, Nitro-Pol-Dur, Dia-Dur, ring travelers, open-end opening rollers, and fluff collecting devices.Reseda-Binder KG, Germany, Hall 2/2, Stand D 40, will show wax rolls for all spinning and winding machines.Retech, Switzerland, Hall 2/2, Stand E 21, will show Retech multi-zone godet system including temperature transmission system Ttr-3 and temperature regulating system CR-03.The company will also show its new temperature regulating system CR 08/16 for eight or 16 individual positions according to requirements. The PD-system for on-line control of density of each bobbin during texturing process will also be on display.In addition, Retech will demonstrate heating elements including draw pins, hot plates, convection and contact heaters, rolls and godet assemblies; and on-line monitoring systems for false twist texturizing, BCF, air-jet texturizing, and tow spinning machines. Rieter Textile Systems, Switzerland, Hall 1, Stand B 22, will showcase its equipment under the motto, Customers Implement Their Objectives Together With Rieter, on its 1,900-square-meter stand.The companys Spun Yarn Systems Business Group will show a complete line of yarn production equipment including: the ComforSpin Process; the Varioset blowroom control system; the IGS integrated grinding system; the E 72 Comber; the RSB-D 30 autoleveling drawframe; SERVOgrip, the first cop changing system without under-wound threads; FLEXIdraft multi-motor drafting system on the G33 ring spinning machine; and the R 20 rotor spinning machine.Rieters FilamentandPlastics Business Group with its Synthetic Fiber Machinery, Rieter-Scragg (texturing machinery) and Rieter Automatik (pelletizing machinery) business units will concentrate on installations, systems and components for producing synthetic carpet yarns and industrial yarns, texturing fine yarns, and pelletizing and cleaning lines.S.G.S. Srl., Italy, Hall 2/2, Stand C 51A, will show perforated cones for steaming and dyeing, internal supports and separators, plastic cones for winding either disposable and for internal use, perforated cylinders for open-end for steaming and dyeing, and accessories for Savio machines. In addition, the company will show a variety of cones, bobbins and cans for the textile industry.Sampre Srl, Italy, Hall 2/2, Stand D50, will show bobbin holders for ring spinning frames with improved protection against dust and fly, and cradles for long-staple drafting systems.Other products to be exhibited include complete drafting systems for long staple yarns, top rollers, tape tension pulleys, conversions for core yarn, roving creel automation, and bottom rollers.SAMT-D, France, Hall 4, Stand A 01, will show spare parts for all SACM spinning machines, spare parts for all SACM weaving machines, adaptable spare parts for spinning and weaving machines.Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A., Italy, Hall 1, Stand C 08, will show automatic winders Super Espero Integrated (some heads pre-arranged for the winding of wet spun flax and for the winding of cotton/Lycra yarns feeding from full cones).The company will also show an automatic winder for the continuous bulking of HB acrylic yarns, model ESPERO VOLUFIL with 9 spindles.A new generation of GEMINIS two-for-one twisters, each with 48 spindles: one equipped for the twisting of wool /Lycra yarns and the other equipped for feeding from two superimposed packages (Duo POT feeding) will be on display.In addition, the company will show an open-end rotor spinning machine model FRS T/2C with 96 spinning units. W. Schlafhorst AGandCo., Germany, Hall 1, Stands J 21 and H 50, will show its new Corobox SE 11 on an automatic rotor spinning machine, an Autocoro 288 with 48 spinning positions.The Corobox SE 11 spins high-quality rotor yarns with rotor speeds up to 150,000 rpm and maximum take-up speeds of 220 meters per minute.The unit offers reduced energy consumption, reduced maintenance and can be retrofitted to existing Autocoro machines, according to the company.

Schlafhorst Autoconer 338 winding system Serralunga 1825, Italy, Hall 2/2, Stand C 40B, will show superimposable cylindrical tubes for dyeing, cones for dyeing with conicity 4°20, and bobbins for Zinser Roving frame. Other products to be exhibited include spinning cans, cones and cylindrical tubes for dyeing, cones and cylindrical tubes for winding, and draft aprons.Sohler Airtex, Germany, Hall 1, Booth H 19, will show traveling cleaners for spinning including the Euroclean 3.0 KW-ZW for superlong ringspinning frames, the Uniclean F using a modular design suitable for automatic systems, and the G-Cleaner blow-off and suction system.Sonoco, Hartsville, S.C., Hall 2/2, D 29, will exhibit a diverse range of technologically advanced textile carriers. The company will show its latest technology developments including its 8,000 meter tube and its proprietary I.D. stiffness measuring capability.Many additions to the Sonoco plastic textile carrier line will be highlighted. new products include the design of a type 100 NS dye tube, as well as, a 65.5 x 288.5 mm NS M/F dye tube. The company will also highlight its new ECO-TOP dye spring design.In addition to its extensive range of textile yarn carriers, ring spinning and roving bobbins, dye tubes, dye springs and fabric forming tubes, Sonoco will showcase its 100th anniversary though vintage photos and a Timeline of Technology covering 100 years of technical contributions to the textile industry. (See Sonoco Celebrates Centennial, ATI, April 1999.)Snaico Engineering S.p.A., Italy, Hall 2, Stand A 71, will show viscose rayon continuous spinning machine, the FCT 3000 SX.Suessen, Germany, Hall 1, Booth A 12, will show its new SpinBox for rotor spinning, designated SC 1-M. At ITMA, Suessen will show an Autocoro SE8, the most widely used rotor spinning machine in the world, equipped with SC 1-M SpinBoxes. The company has also developed a completely novel ring spinning system, which it says permits the production of yarns of a quality not achievable until now. The company has designated this new method as Elite-ring Spinning System. Suessen refers to the yarns as Elite-yarns.At ITMA, Suessen will introduce the elite-spinning system for carded and combed cotton, synthetics and wool. Other products to be exhibited include: Fiomax ring spinning machines for short and long staple fiber spinning, and sliver to yarn spinning; HP-SpinSet drafting systems and spindles for ring spinning and roving frames; the PLYfiL Spin Assembly Winder; ParafiL Parallel yarn spinning machines; open-end SpinBoxs for the Schlafhorst Autocoro; and components for Rieter rotor spinning machines.T-ZTEMCO, Germany, Hall 2/2, Stand A 50, will show textile machinery components for various textile processes, such as texturing, covering and tangling.For texturing the company will show motor driven friction units, with speeds up to 1,500 meters per minute including up-to-date on-line quality monitoring systems.The company will also show its latest generation of tangling jets, twist stoppers and separator rollers. For covering, TEMCO will show motor driven hollow spindles with speeds up to 31,000 rpm The company will also show components for other textile processes.Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Ltd., Japan, Hall 1, Stand G 42, will show a ring spinning frame for long staple fiber, a roving frame with new automatic doffer, a new combing machine and a new drawing frame. These machines are designed to produce the best quality yarn with the highest efficiency with numerous improvements incorporated in pursuit of the best quality and the highest productivity, labor saving due to advanced automation system and improved maintenance and operation, according to the company.Trutzschler GmbHandCo. KG, Germany, Hall 1, Stand H 12 and Stand E 42, will show machines and installations for opening and cleaning cotton and man-made fibers, as well as, an installation for the preparation of fibers for nonwovens. The companys total exhibition area will be more than 1,600 square meters. At booth H12 Trutzschler presents the complete preparatory equipment for a spinning mill. All machines will be shown in production. In the course production, bales will be automatically opened.The material will be cleaned, carded and depending on the application drawn into sliver.At Stand E 42 Trutzschler will show its extended program for the bonded fabrics and nonwovens industry.The machinery program here will consist of bale openers, weighing bale openers, the fine opener FOL, as well as, feed trucks and dosing openers.All machines of the nonwoven range are also suited to process long-staple fibers, the company said.Among the newly developed machines, the company would like to draw special attention to the tuft feeder, SCANFEED. This feeder ensures a new quality of web evenness both in longitudinal and in traverse direction, according to the company.V-ZVolkmann, Germany, Hall 1, Stand H 48a, will show the new Saurer CompactTwister, a compact Two-for-One twisting machine with up to 300 spindles for top cross-wound package quality in the staple fiber area. 
Saurer twisting systemsThe company will also show the new Saurer TrendTwister, a Two-for-One twisting machine equipped with an innovative drive and control concept and complete electronic process control. The machine is capable of speeds up to 25,000 rpm, according to the company.Xorella AG, Switzerland, will exhibit in Hall 1, Stand G 45. Zinser Textilmaschinen GmbH, Germany, Hall 1, Stand 22, will show Ro-We-Mat 680, ring spinning machine 700, worsted ring-spinning machine 800, Zinser transport system. Another product Zinser will be showing is its Tex-Net Pro.
Zinser ring-spinning machine 350 - the longest ring-spinning machine in the world Symtech - A Force At ITMA '99ITMA 99 will provide a near comprehensive view of the textile industry, and one of the major forces in Paris will be SYMTECH.SYMTECH, headquartered in Spartanburg, S.C., is a distributor of textile machinery and equipment. While not a manufacturer, SYMTECH provides professional advice on machinery purchases and post-sell services.SYMTECH also sells, assumes the responsibility for installation, repairs, field service, warranty and carries a full line of spare parts.Many companies attending ITMA are represented by SYMTECH. These companies include:Loepfe, Switzerland, Hall 1, Stand C 01 and Hall 4, Stand C 20a;S.S.M. Scharer Schweitier Mettler Corp., Switzerland, Hall 1, Stand G 47;Staehle, Germany, Hall 2/1, Stand C 52;ROJ, Italy, Hall 5, Stand B 08;Fischer Poege, Germany, Hall 5, Stand A 40;Fastran, Great Britain, Hall 3, Stand B 19;Loris Bellini, Italy, Hall 6, Stand A 39;Amsler, Switzerland, Hall 1, Stand H 51a;ColorService, Italy, Hall 6, Stand A 40;San Grato, Italy, Hall 1, Stand H 11;S.K.F., Germany, Hall 2/1, Stand C 27a;Ratti, Italy, Hall 2/1, Stand B 22;Jacobi Germany, Hall 2/1, Stand B 49;Fehrer, Austria, Hall 1, Stand G 10;Karl Mayer, Germany, Hall 5, Stand C 08 and Hall 7/2 A 50;Bockemuhl, Germany, Hall 2/2, Stand C 32;Octir, Germany, Hall 1, Stands H 05 and H 07);Offri, Germany, Hall 3, Stand G 17;Isotex, Italy, Hall 7/2, Stand G 31;Mezzera, Italy, Hall 7/1, Stand E 10; Colombo, Italy, Hall 7/2, Stand G 06;Biancalani, Italy, Hall 7/1, Stand A 10;Filmtextile, Hall 8, Stand A 03;HDB, Hall 1, Stand H 06;Looptex, Hall 7/1, Stand C 01; andMezzera, Hall 7/1, Stand E 10.SYMTECH has played a vast role in preparing companies for ITMA 99. It has worked extremely hard to get suppliers ready for the show. SYMTECH has tried to help its customers use their time as effectively as possible by talking about the anticipated new products.It has also put together a preview of ITMA 99 and a Paris preview guide for not only its customers, but for everyone who will be attending the show. (See special SYMTECH inserts in the March, April and May issues of ATI.)The number of U.S. textile executive attending ITMA 99 is expected be lower than in past shows due to the current state of the industry. However, Rodger Hartwig, vice president of SYMTECH, says: We believe that this exhibition is very important. Of all the trade shows, ITMA is the most important one in the world and due to this fact, the U.S. needs to send as many managers as possible to see the diversity of the industry. Because of this, SYMTECH is devoted to bringing as much information about ITMA 99 to its customers as possible.SYMTECH will have its 22-person sales staff at ITMA to help answer as many questions as possible for its customers. Along with having members of its sales staff in the booths of its customers, It will have facilities with the Loepfe Brothers in Hall 1 Booth C 01.

May 1999